Egan Bernal is the latest in the series of major sportsnavne, which suggests that the OLYMPICS will be moved.

Athletes and major sports federations have, in recent days the pressure on to expose the summer OLYMPICS in Tokyo, and now joins last year’s Tour de France winner into the choir.

Egan Bernal do not believe you can hold the games as planned with the opening 24. July, when most of the world is struggling to get to grips with the coronavirus.

– Right now, in the light of the global situation with coronavirus, I do not think that the olympic games will be held on the scheduled dates, he says, according to L’equipe.

– Personally I am in favour of a postponement of some months and instead hold the games next year. All we can do right now is to stay at home and get a grip on corona virus, the threat is far more important than the Tour de France and the OLYMPICS, says Bernal.

the Pressure on The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the japanese organizers is growing from day to day.

on Sunday announced Canada, that the country will not send practitioners to Tokyo for the summer. At the same time, Australia has asked its athletes to prepare for the OLYMPICS will be moved to the summer of 2021.

Also the Danish sports confederation (DIF) has announced that it supports the postponement of the OLYMPICS.

Until a few days ago has the IOC stood firm that the OLYMPICS will be held as scheduled, but president Thomas Bach acknowledged on Sunday that it is an opportunity to push the games.

the Same tones came later from the japanese prime minister, Shinzo Abe, who reiterated that Japan wants to hold “complete games”.

– If it becomes difficult – in the light of the athletes is the first priority – it may be inevitable that we will have to postpone the games, said the Monkey.