John McClane, die hard (1988)

Bruce Willis is always associated with die hard John McClain from the movie. His character is a typical American detective. On the one hand, it is one or two steps away from alcoholism, but it’s bulletproof man in the shirt who has a wife and two children. All five parts of the film was a great success, and the first Willis brought international fame, making him one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood.

Joe Hallenbach, “the Last boy scout” (1991)

again, a loser detective. The same alcohol, the same directness. But the characters of Willis, the viewer does not condemn, but rather worried about them. And all thanks to the smile and peculiar black humor of the actor. In this tape a former bodyguard of U.S. President Carter, and now detective Joe Hallenbeck gets in the way of the mafia tries to bribe (and then kill) a corrupt Senator.

Photo: kinopoisk.gibot of Collide, “pulp fiction” (1994)

Like any artist, Bruce Willis had UPS and downs. It is thanks to this film by Quentin Tarantino the actor became popular again. Collide Butch, the boxer, falling in the hands of the mafia. That makes Butch specifically lose the fight, but he can’t. Together with his girlfriend of the Willis character is trying to escape, but forgetting home a family heirloom (a gold watch), comes back and gets into a number of troubles that entail the killing.

Korben Dallas, the Fifth element (1997)

Save the world the heroes of Willis turns out to be quite good. Is no exception and Korben Dallas from the movie “the Fifth element”. This time the hero is a taxi driver from new York. He has to save the world from the dark forces, collecting the five elements. Think he’s the most charismatic and unique character of the acting career of Bruce Willis. Judge for yourself: it executes instructions of intergalactic importance and at the same time to protect the girl. Collect four important elementsTA for the hero is not nothing, but the fifth element – a fragile girl Leela, and protect her the hardest. Turns out, Dallas Willis needs to combine and impenetrable character, and a charming, gallant man.

Photo: kinopoisk.Gideon Hartigan, sin City (2005)

again the hero Willis – detective. This time he protects a young beauty 11-year-old Nancy from the maniac, being the son of a Senator. To save a little girl’s life at the cost of their suffering is worth a lot. Someone compares the character Willis from “sin City” with the hero of the “die hard”. Only if justice were to prevail, in the first of her and not heard. In sin City everything is about relationships, and so honest, like Hartigan, has no place in a dirty world.

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