two weeks ago announced the club that it would cut 550 employees salary. Now they get yet full salary.

two weeks ago announced Tottenham, that it would cut 20 percent of the administrative employees ‘ salaries, while the players kept their.

Since the criticism hailstone down over the Premier League club.

It has got the club to respond. Monday write Tottenham on its website that all of the 550 administrative employees are still getting full pay in april and may.

However, the club’s management down in salary.

Chairman of the board Daniel Levy says the club’s website that it has never been intended to do anything other than to ensure jobs in the long term.

– The criticism the club has received over the past weeks, has been received with great attention, because of our history with charity work, and our tremendous sense of responsibility to take care of those who depend on us.

We regret any concern it has created in a anxious time, he says.

the Club also writes, that it does not intend to apply for financial assistance from the government’s stimulus packages. But the economic situation will be continually evaluated.

recently, The criticism from supporters that Liverpool chose to drop the uk government’s compensation scheme for companies under pressure as a result of coronakrisen.

the Premier League-the league leaders had sought the government’s support to pay 80 percent of employee salary.

the Premier League is suspended indefinitely, and it is not known whether it is possible to play the season to the end.

There is no game in the best English variety since 9. march.