The most valuable that has been awarded the FIS in a Winter without world Cup? Crystal. For the world Cup rankings of the world Ski Federation to distribute the coveted crystal globes. Not only in the Alpine Ski Sport. Also, the Nordic, the Freestyler or Snowboarder will be honored with the cups. Yes, even in Speed skiing and Telemark skiing, the winner of the crystal awards offers. And no Nation rolled last season more by luck than the Swiss.

With 18 Victories in the world Cup ratings Swiss Ski provides a very clear crystal-the kings of winter and the skiing Nations ranking is not as expects, once with. On the 2. Place? Italy and Norway with 9 awards. Austria? Only four balls. Germany? Even just two! Switzerland puts all in the shade.

Only in the Nordic area, Switzerland is blank. For no other country’s stockpiling in Alpine skiing and Ski freestyle and more crystal. In Telemark, the dominance is overwhelming: 7 out of 8 scores will go to Switzerland.

Telemark-Star Wenger-Reymond in luck

Absolute ball-Queen of Switzerland is not about Corinne Suter, with its two Speed awards. Tele markerin Amélie Wenger-Reymond (32) gives the same four world Cup scores. “Our season ended very abruptly because of the Virus, there were still seven races to. Therefore, I’m just glad that I was in the ratings during the demolition front,” says She.

The Telemark-Shot victory in the overall standings, Classic, Sprint and Parallel Sprint, for which there is no ball. For Wenger-Reymond there are, however, already have their crystal balls 35 to 37. “I still have enough space at home,” she says, laughing. Wenger-Reymond is now reached at 147 world Cup Victories.

Nevertheless, From prize money, such as in the case of Speed Queen Suter with your 201533 francs you can dream in Telemark only. “I’m not going because of the money,” says Wenger-Reymond, “but a little bit of what it is with us also. But the fact that almost half of the season is not played, it means for me, of course, less prize money.”

The Swiss disciplines-winner Amélie Wenger-Reymond, Telemark: General, Classic, Sprint, Parallel Sprint.Corinne Suter, Alpine skiing: downhill, Super-G. Stefan, Matt, Telemark: total, Classic.Beat Feuz, Alpine skiing: downhill.Mauro Caviezel, Alpine skiing: Super-g. Loïc Meillards, Alpine skiing: Parallel.Noé Roth, Ski freestyle: Aerials.Andri Ragettli, Sky freestyle: Slopestyle.Sarah Höfflin, Sky freestyle: Slopestyle.Giulia Tanno, Sky freestyle: Big Air.Julie Zogg, Snowboard: Parallel Slalom.Aline Albrecht, Snowboard Parallel Team.Bastien Dayer, Telemark Sprint. FIS overall victories season 2019/2020

1. Switzerland 18 (5/4/0/2/7)
2. Norway 9 (3/1/5/0/0)
Italy 9 (3/0/0/3/3)
4. Sweden 5 (0/1/1/0/3)
5. Austria 4 (0/0/2/2/0)
Russia 4 (0/1/3/0/0)
7. France 3 (1/2/0/0/0)
Canada 3 (0/3/0/0/0)
Australia 3 (0/1/0/2/0)
10. USA 2 (0/1/0/1/0)
China 2 (0/0/0/2/0)
Japan 2 (0/0/0/2/0)
Germany 2 (0/0/0/2/0)
Slovakia 2 (2/0/0/0/0)
the United Kingdom, 2 (0/0/0/2/0)
16. Slovenia 1 (0/0/0/0/1)
disciplines in parentheses: Alpine skiing/Ski freestyle/Nordic skiing/Snowboard/miscellaneous.

a few ratings are awarded no balls.