the Status of priority development areas the city received a year ago. This platform has become an additional tool for large-scale infrastructure to attract investment. We would remind that earlier the Governor of the Samara region Dmitry Azarov has called on the government of the region to strengthen the work of investment.

– In addition to existing measures to support investors to develop new tools, providing better conditions for business development in the region. The government should spearhead the formation of new projects, – said the head of the Samara region.

June 11 trilateral agreement was signed with an investor who is planning to implement a project for the production of household and industrial bleach, disinfectant, cleaning and disinfection of water in the ASEZ “Chapaevsk”. The production process is based on new technology which gives a much higher quality product and significantly increase its service life.

the Declared volume of investments -97.8 million rubles, the company will create 20 new jobs.

This is the second company that gets the resident status of ADZ “Chapaevsk”. The first resident was a chemical plant, which plans to create in the city the production of detergents, cleaning products and disinfectants.

– Mode TOSER acts in two single-industry towns of Samara oblast – Tolyatti and tchapaevsk, – said the Minister of economic development and investment Samara region Dmitry Bogdanov. – Today ADZ “Tolyatti” – the largest TOR Russia – organized 75 investors willing to invest about 41 billion rubles and to create about 8.5 thousand new jobs. Moreover, at this point they have already invested more than 10.8 billion and created more than 4.5 thousand jobs.