(Montreal) Two Quebec directors will present their new films at the Toronto International Film Festival in September.

Chloé Robichaud and Sophie Dupuis will see their respective films, Happy Days and SOLO, screened in world premiere at the event.

Robichaud is a regular at the festival, all of her films having been presented. She had won the Best Canadian Short Film Award in 2019 for Delphine.

His new film, which stars Sophie Desmarais, will be released in theaters in Quebec in October. It tells the story of Emma, ​​a conductor who is under the influence of her father, also her agent.

Sophie Desmarais also had the lead role in Robichaud’s feature debut, Sophie Prefers Running, in 2013, which landed a spot at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival.

As for Sophie Dupuis, SOLO is her third feature film after Souterrain and Chien de garde – a film that was selected by Canada to represent it at the Oscars.

In this new film, Dupuis finds an actor with whom she has already collaborated two other times, Théodore Pellerin, as well as the French actor Félix Maritaud.

The film tells the story of Simon, a rising figure in the drag queen scene in Montreal, who develops a complex love affair with a new colleague and who must deal with the return of his mother to the country after 15 years of absence.