On October 14, a Pakistan International Airlines PIA Boeing 777 from Islamabad landed in Toronto. The crew should fly back after two nights on Sunday. However, one of the flight attendants did not show up for duty.

The man has been missing since then, the airline confirmed to Canadian television broadcaster CTV. Apparently, the whole thing happened right after entry.

The flight attendant should not have been found immediately after passport control, writes the Dawn portal, citing eyewitnesses. The rest of the crew then waited on the bus for two hours while they looked for the man.

But they didn’t find him. Canada’s Border Patrol is now investigating the man’s disappearance because it is believed he disappeared on purpose and wants to start a new life in Canada.

It is not the first time that a crew member from PIA has not reappeared on a tour abroad. This year alone, a flight attendant and a female flight attendant are said to have disappeared in Canada.

Before that, another PIA flight attendant went missing in February 2021 after working on a flight from Lahore – also in Canada. In July 2020, a flight attendant had also been reported missing.

In 2019, according to the Paddle your Owe Kanoo portal, a flight attendant disappeared in Paris. She is said to have left a handwritten notice of termination in her hotel room before fleeing to Belgium.

But the incidents go back even further: In 2018, a PIA crew member applied for asylum in Canada after working on a flight.

The airline has already attempted to address the issue. After the disappearance of the flight attendant in February 2021, PIA announced that it would confiscate the crews’ passports after entry. Perhaps that is also a reason why the man who has now disappeared could no longer be found immediately after entering the country.

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