Martin A. Bartholdi Top: Peugeot 208 – the indomitable Gauls

The car manufacturer is celebrating the electric change is pompous. All Of The Manufacturers? No! A determined manufacturer from the old Gaul, omitted a great deal of fuss. Peugeot shows at the Geneva auto salon, the new edition of the small car 208 and mentions only in passing that he car also comes as a pure E -. Without long announcements of studies and camouflaged car and he just stand there and even looks really cheeky with the LED lights. In the autumn of the e-208 starts with 340 kilometres and 136 HP.

Flop: Pal-V Liberty – come to the crash-landing?

next year will rise flying cars in the skies. The Dutch company Pal-V will bring to your flying car, Liberty on the roads and in the air. That sounds exciting, just: Where is the progress? The Salon model shown differs only by the color from the previous year. Even the technical data of 2018. So he departs with a full tank of 1300 kilometers, or fly up to 500 miles – but only with a pilot’s license. The proud price: 570 000 Swiss francs.

Andreas Engel Top: Aurus Senate – Glamour for Geneva

the Russian cars? As the iconic brand Lada, the Autofan well as the First in the sense. With the glitz and glamour of the rugged vehicles, however, have little in the hat. Otherwise, the Aurus Senate: even the Name sounds pompous. As of now, the luxury sedan of the Russian President Vladimir Putin can also be purchased from Joe millionaire. And the interest in the Senate is huge. It lies at the Bentley-like Look, the luxurious Interior or the potent Plug-in Hybrid with about 700 HP? The Russians will definitely bring the Glamour to Geneva!

Flop: Arcfox GT dreams or foams?

It is evil, China is perhaps cars such as the is without question sleek Arcfox GT-Flops to perform. If the noble’s daughter by the Chinese company giant BAIC the electric super sports really as spectacular on the market – 1600 HP, 0-100 km/h in 2.6 seconds, 255 km/h Topspeed, can attract Tesla and co. definitely hot. However, big announcements, such as Qoros, I’ve heard in the past, many. A Chinese car I’ve seen yet never with us on the road.

Andreas Faust Top: Fiat Centoventi Concept unexpectedly often

The last concept car from Fiat? An eternity ago. It’s great that Fiat is 120. Birthday in Geneva, once again, a study of trust. The Centoventi with electric drive you could customize, modify, change, even in hindsight. Even the range of 100 to 400 kilometers to customize. In addition, the small could reanimate the car in the 500-cul-de-SAC plug-in end of Fiat Design. The next Panda is so similar? It remains to be seen. But finally the last-so tired-looking brand is alive again.

Flop: Hispano Suiza Carmen if designed Birkigt know

What’s in a Name: as of 1904, the Swiss engineer, Marc Birkigt, in Barcelona, Automobiles of the top class. Hispano, for Spain, Suiza for Switzerland; and the white cross emblazoned on a red background in the Logo. But 1938 was the end. Again and again you tried since the re-launch of the legendary brand. But please don’t be so out of proportion and bizarre styled as with the study by Carmen. A little Bugatti from the front, the Corvette Stingray in the rear, but nothing fits together. Too bad.

Timothy pancake Top: Mercedes Concept EQV – realistically instead of remote

Finally, a electric concept car that doesn’t look like for the year 2032, the first comes at some point and instead of pure Power just space that offers enough: As the second EQ-Mercedes is the EQV just the E-Version of the VW-Bus-Erzkonkurrenten V-class, will be seen in September in the series and to buy ergo probably next year actually: 204 E-PS, 400 km range, and without loss of Space due to batteries. Na so so what is E-mobility!

Flop: Bugatti La Voiture Noire – by-minute – stand-up stuff

What is a Hype: the Star of the Salons of the most expensive cars of all time. But what, pray, is this? For over-the-top 13 million francs (before tax!) any other exotics brand zimmert me like a single piece, and handsome. And this thing is no driving, but a stand-up stuff: The 1500 HP in a collection in Geneva, there are even rumors that the mysterious buyer was Ex-VW Patriarch Ferdinand Piëch (81)! – disappear, only to be one day even more expensive auctions. More’s the pity.

Raoul Schwinnen Top: Honda e-Prototype – E-car

that’s Exactly how I imagine a modern electric car for the City. With four meters, the Honda Stromer is about the same length as a VW Polo and fits perfectly in our inner cities. Its Design is cute, with four doors, but practical. And the Cockpit with five screens stylish, but clearly. The promised range of over 200 kilometers for an electric city car is sufficient. The rear-wheel drive and about 100 HP, where we promise you a real Dose of driving fun. Now only the price has to be right.

Flop: Toyota-service-clothing – Fashion-Fail

The fashion Check of “Style” and “Bolero”-Editor, Samuel Müller for the clothing of stand personnel is damning. Of course, the times are gone at least since the MeToo debate, as pretty girls grind in tight dress sexy on the hoods. Today, the booth staff will competently inform visitors about the exhibited paintings. But you must act the Uniform of the Toyota-hostesses really as uninspired as a Zalando package?