Suddenly, Chris Van der Linden, of the AZ Sint-Lucas, well-known of the Four in the series, Topdokters, has tested positive for the corona virus. “I feel good,” he said. The only complaint I had was the reukverlies.”

now, As Van der Linden points out, no fever, he would, in principle, be allowed to continue to work. “I was in the hospital and can contaminate,” he says. “I am lucky to have in the privélab a sample to be analyzed, which showed that I was positive.”

According to Van der Linden points out, there is a lack of attention to the taste, and geurverlies be used as an indicator for contamination with the same name. “It is, effectively, what we see more often,” says virologist is in order: Steven Callens (Ghent university hospital). “There have been cases discovered of those with a tea, as water to taste, or who have suddenly been set free to taste it.”

the Foreign studies show that from thirty to sixty per cent of patients have a temporary sense of smell, and loss experience. And there are patients in whom the only symptoms.

now, The question is, of course, if you only on the basis of the home must be maintained. “That’s not a bad idea,” says the virologist is in order and Marc Van Ranst.

His colleague, Steven Callens refers to it as “a difficult issue”. “We still don’t know to what extent people who are smell and taste loss, but no fever or cough, it is contagious to be. A caregiver is that we don’t have a fever and is not coughing, but still loss, we are 42 days with the use of a medical protective mask to work.”

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