Topalov did not protect his wife from harassment

Regina Todorenko now have a very hard time.

The girl is in the midst of the great scandal provoked by her statement that 70 percent of women who have experienced domestic violence like to be victims.

The public is angry at Regina barrage of negativity on the web.

Moreover, the TV presenter was stripped of the title “woman of the year”.

It would seem that the husband needs to intervene and protect subjected to harassment wife.

However, Vlad Topalov withdrew from this story. He has not commented on the incident, as the social network puts neutral information.

For example, a video in which he performs solo on the electric guitar.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, Topalov recently posted on his Instagram a funny photo in which she and her son sit on the floor.

Vlad complained to the followers, that he could not find the son of a common language.

Publish from Vlad Topalov (@vladtopalovofficial) 25 APR 2020 2:55 PDT