to curb the spread of the Coronavirus, will always be met with new measures. Austria introduced on Monday a mouth guard duty in the supermarket, in this country there are discussions about such an arrangement. A German city is already ahead: In Jena, you want to make the Wearing of a mouth guard in stores, public transport and buildings used by the public in the coming week, introduce mandatory.

Christian Drosten, chief virologist at the Berlin Charité, the language in the current “NDR”-a Podcast about the Wearing of respiratory protective masks while shopping. He also explained how and why heart disease can be an indication of Corona and why he considers that a large-scale mobile phone monitoring for sense.

Drosten explains why you can also be over the air with Corona infect

It sounds absurd, according to the virologists, but that’s exactly how it went down: Two people sit back to back while eating in a canteen that one of them asks the other, pass her the salt shaker to. Apparently, a fatal error: Because a Corona infection was the result. Drosten had explained the Situation already on Monday – in the current Podcast, he explains in more detail how it is that despite the back-to-back attitude of a contagion.

“of course the converse is also very close at one time, the turns will probably like each other,” says the researcher. So it could be a Transmission of the pathogen. But there is also air movement in the room, which could be for the Corona-infection is responsible. Because while breathe in and you cough to the front. “A means tropfiges Aerosol, however, remains a long time in the air in the room and if there is a movement of air, then it will be transported, regardless of whether or not someone is sitting with his back to one,” explains the virologist.

Out of fear itself with the Coronavirus to infect, would currently be many people wearing masks while shopping. Drosten indicates, however, clear that there is no scientific evidence for their protection. Because, as in the case of the canteen colleagues, it was possible to infect via air movements with Corona. “You can breathe a little longer in the room standing Aerosol laterally over the mask,” says Drosten. Also the fabric of a simple mouth guard is not the same with the air particles very close.

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Munich, patients Sick in Italy

With views of the employees of the Munich-based company Webasto, which had become infected as the first German with the Coronavirus, is not responsible for Corona a few weeks ago, an adventurous Thesis. Could have introduced the Munich-based Corona-patients, the Virus to Italy in? Drosten does not believe, as he explains in the current “NDR”-Podcast. Studies at the Munich cohort demonstrated that, In patients two Virus had been found-versions, one in the throat and in the lungs.

The first three Munich-based patients had been infected with the original Virus, all the other with the second variant, which had the Infected in the throat. In Italy, the original Version of the agent before however, says Drosten. The Virus would get really from Germany to Italy, it must have been from one of the first three patients are extremely unlikely, like Drosten emphasized.

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mobile phone data analysis: “Scientific

considered to be promising” the Last time that was discussed and to identify contact persons Infected through cell phone data and inform. The Berlin-based virologist speaks clearly for such an approach.”Scientifically, this is a promising one,” says Drosten. Through the analysis of mobile phone data you can find out who an Infected person is spatially have been close.

a user Get the message to have the least contact to a Corona-infected Person had to, he could set himself to watch. Allowed, but not necessary for Meeting with others could be consciously avoided. “As an open-minded citizen, I must be not a virologist, I would switch it for me immediately,” he says. “I also get a sense of security with this one”, explained the scientists.

Drosten: “Some patients look as if they had something like a heart attack,”

With views of the Coronavirus would notice many patients as heart patients. Several studies have pointed out that there is a direct cardio logical Problem at the Corona-Infected, so Drosten. “Some patients look as if they have something like a hidden heart attack”, he says. Even a heart attack rapid test (the so-called “Troponin-T-Test”) will in the case of some Corona-patients positive for various reasons. The blood from clotting, which could have a harmful impact on the heart of a patient, a change in the context of an immune response occasionally. But also a direct damage to the heart muscle by Covid-19 cannot be excluded.

at The end it goes again to the Wearing of mouth protection in the Public. Drosten self-supporting when shopping for a mask, which he had received as a gift. Since the symptoms of a coronavirus infection, and would often show only days after the infection, use it to protect others. After all, he could not exclude the possibility of self-Corona-to be Carriers. “If I’m infected, I can save my surroundings, so at least something,” says Drosten.

Christian Drosten is considering withdrawal from the Public

He knows more about the new Coronavirus as the WHO. And he shares this Knowledge with the citizens. Seriously, calmly, in a language that everyone understands. Here Christian Drosten explains why he thinks, nevertheless, a retreat from the Public sphere.

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