Nelly Furtado

41-year-old Nelly Furtado is still considered one of the most famous pop icons of the 2000s. In the beginning, the canadian singer was getting ready to conquer the musical Olympus, and by the end of the decade made a breakthrough and became a real superstar, speaking on the same stage with Justin Timberlake, Timbaland and other top stars. Her hits Say It Right and Promiscuous still played at parties, but few people know exactly how the fate of the singer in the future. On the wave of popularity of Nelly abruptly left show business to devote herself to the family, about which virtually nothing was said in their interview. The new material SPLETNIK.RU recalls how a simple girl from Canada just a few years managed to conquer the world, understands the reasons for her unexpected departure from the profession, and tells how life Furtado develops today.

Childhood and moving to Toronto

Nelly Furtado was born in the canadian city of Victoria in the family emigrated from the Azores in Portugal. The girl was named Nellie in honor of the famous Soviet gymnast Nellie Kim, who two years before the birth of the future star won three gold and one silver at the Olympics in Montreal in 1976. In one of his interviews, Nelly confirmed that her parents were so inspired by the success of Kim that was determined to give my future daughter my name.

She won many gold medals at the Olympic games in 1976 and I was born in 1978. My mother thought that name would sound cool, so my name is Nelly Kim Furtado, told Furtado.

Nelly Furtado in childhood

Nellie grew up in an ordinary family — her father was a bricklayer and her mother worked as a maid in a hotel. The girl was brought up as a strict Catholic and sang in the Church choir. By the way, interest in music Nelly started to show very early. When she was only four years old, she first sang in public in front of a large number of people in the duet with her mom — it happened at the celebration of the Day of Portugal in her hometown. Nelly Furtado in childhood

For nine years Nelly learned to play the ukulele, trombone, and at age 12 he wrote his first original song. Fascination Nelly’s music could not affect her career choice. Immediately after leaving school at the age of 17 Furtado, along with her sister, despite resistance from parents, went to live in Toronto — plans the girls had to make her noticed by the producers and gave her the chance to become famous all over the world.

Immediately after moving Nelly met musician Tallinn Nutricom and founded with him the trip-hop Duo Nelstar, and she wrote him all the songs. Furtado soon realized that the unusual ��Thiel, combining elements of hip-hop, jazz, dub, rock, soul and other genres, is unlikely to fully reveal its potential and become famous. At some point, Nellie was desperate and even preparing to return to his native Victoria. But then fate brought her with producers Gerald and Ethan and Brian West: they helped Nelly to record her first demo, to contract with the label Dream Works Records and record the debut album, Whoa, Nelly!.

In 2000, immediately after the release of the first plastics, Nelly, for how long, and dreamed, woke up famous. Especially the audience liked the song I’m Like a Bird, which not only helped the young singer to climb to the top of music charts, but to win his only (at least today) the award “Grammy”.
nobody tells Me how to sing and how to dress. I get to decide what to do with your music and how to look. There’s a part of me that is mysterious songwriter and performer, and there’s another part that represents the street Tomboy. Between these opposites is always an internal struggle, which is reflected in my music,— so Nelly described their work of the period.

Familiarity with Timbaland and glory

After the release of the first album from Nelly, a large number of fans including among her music industry colleagues: its music admired Elton John and Missy Elliot, and the band U2 invited Furtado to warm up before their American concerts.

In 2003, three years after the release of debut album, Nelly presented her second album, Folklore, which is very different sounding from the previous one. It already did not reflect the children’s cheerfulness and innocence, as in Whoa, Nelly!, changed and feed: songs from the compilation were recorded in the style of modern folk.

In the same period has changed not only the music of Nelly, but she is. In the same 2003, the singer gave birth to daughter Nevis, whose father was her boyfriend, musician Jasper Gahunia. After the birth of the baby, and not very successful second album, Nelly briefly disappeared from radar.

Nelly Furtado and Jasper Gahunia Jasper Gahunia

As it turned out, during a lull she made her fans the surprise of their third album, Loose, which eventually became the most successful in her career. A few years before his record of Nellie met a rapper and known aboutduceram Timbaland, is occurred after the transition Furtado on the music label Interscope Records. Meeting Nelly and Timbaland were important for both: she is in some of the interviews described it as a “musical love at first sight”.
, Timbaland and Nelly Furtado

In 2005, Nellie began work on a Loose and in the same year, broke up with the father of her daughter Nevis and acquired the status of single mothers, now all care about the baby lay on her shoulders, and in parallel still had to record an album. Incidentally, the period Furtado recalls as one of the most productive in your life:
It was exciting. We had a very strange schedule. Whole days I spent on the beach with my daughter, working on his tan, and then around eight in the evening went to the Studio. After about half an hour after that there drove Tim and we worked till midnight. By the time I was very tired because the schedule Nevis was up at seven o’clock in the morning. So I walked into the small room in the Studio, fell on the couch and fell asleep for about an hour. At this time Tim with his friends went to clubs and learned that I love to dance people. Somewhere about four o’clock in the night they came back, we worked for another hour or two, after which I returned home to her daughter.

Nelly Furtado

This turbo was very productive and resulted in a smash-hit album, Loose, which was released in 2006. A collection of such iconic songs as for Nelly Say It Right, Promiscuous, Do It, and many others instantly got on top of the world charts — only for the first week it debuted in first place in the Canadian Albums Chart and has sold 34 thousand copies, which at that time was the best result for a canadian artist. Today Loose is a bestseller: over the years, the world has sold more than 12 million copies.

After such crazy success of Nelly Furtado went on tour around the world. In 2008, she presented a record in Russia. The opening act, then she has already performed quite successfully on the Russian stage Dima Bilan.

Album Loose did of Nelly Furtado world star of the first magnitude. Fans from around the world waited for the singer with concerts in their countries and wanted to see and hear her live, and songs Nelly for a long time held a leading position in the world charts.

On the wave of fantastic success in 2009, Furtado released a completely Spanish album called Mi Plan, and the following year received the “Latin Grammy”.

in Parallel with dense work��Oh on new music and constant touring Nelly had time to deal with his personal life. In 2008, she married Cuban sound engineer demacio of castellón. At a furious pace Furtado tried to take the time to not only his career and fans, but beloved husband and daughter Nevis, but at some point I realized that can no longer cope with this task. Nelly Furtado and castellón Damasio

the Disappearance from the radar

In 2012 Nelly Furtado has launched yet another album, Spirit Indestructible. The album received many positive reviews from music critics, but failed to repeat the amazing success recorded in tandem with Timbaland Loose.

Nelly Furtado and Timbaland

in Parallel with the creative drop Furtado experienced a lot of stress. She continued to travel to tours in the world, which was forced to take the daughter Nevis, to somehow carry out with a girl time. Fatigue Nellie continued to grow until during one of their concerts she suddenly realized that he no longer wants this life. Then this time have noticed only the most attentive fans of the stars.

I had a nervous breakdown on stage. I was on a tour, and my daughter was with me. I was a mother and a famous singer in permanent ways at the same time. I was physically and emotionally exhausted. Then I went to the audience and suddenly realized what a strong stress feel on this occasion. I cried for the first two songs. Then I decided to take a career break to devote himself to the house. After that, I realized that family life is exactly what I was always looking for and sincerely wanted— said Nelly in an interview with the Daily Mail.

Nelly Furtado and Justin Timberlake

From this point of Furtado not only stopped releasing new hits, go on tour and to be on television, but has become extremely rare to appear in public. Follow the life of a favorite artist among the fans did not work even in social networks, because Nelly was not (and still not) public pages in social networks, where fans could learn about it at least some news.

Only occasionally in the press there were fresh pictures of Nelly, where fans could hardly recognize Furtado. Some fans speculated that the star is pregnant (by the way, the second time mother Nellie never was) and others have concluded that Nelly gained weight, because I finally stopped living from concert to concert, allowed himself to relax a little and forget about the constant dieting.

In 2015, the star unexpectedly announced himself, and appeared before fans in a completely new role. She starred in the Comedy romance “a Date with lady Luck”, directed by John L Ecoair. The picture was not a success at the box office, but for fans it was another opportunity to see their idol on screen.

Nelly Furtado in the movie “a Date with lady Luck”

Divorce with my husband and try to come back

In 2017 Nelly Furtado unexpectedly for millions of fans worldwide released a new album called The Ride. Music album was the first after a five year hiatus, the singer in creative activities. This Nelly album recorded without the support of any music label. Once in an interview with Forbes Furtado explained why more never sign a contract with any recording company:
was very important For me to become independent and to record a new album without someone’s support, because I can fully own all those that do.

Despite all the efforts Furtado, a long career break still affected by its popularity: in the United States at that time sold a total of 1800 copies of the album and the music charts, he was able to rise to only 153 seats.

However, during one of the interviews Nelly on television in part of her promotional tour The Ride, suddenly it became clear what inspired her to create a new album. In an interview with show presenters ITV’s Loose Women, Furtado admitted that for almost a year how is a divorce with Damasio Castellina, in marriage, with whom she lived eight years.

the Star said that the parting with her husband was given her very hard and the only thing that saved her was music. By the way, in an interview with Nellie already spoke about breaking up with a sound producer with humor and even hinted at the fact that it is not against to date:
I’m all alone. Someone needs to make edits to an article about me in Wikipedia, and it impedes my personal life.

Nelly Furtado and castellón Damasio

by the Way, about her relationship with her husband of Nellie in the years of marriage did not apply. The star did not give interviews on personal topics and only occasionally went out with her husband in the light. That is why that their marriage broke up, fans have learned directly from the Furtado and only after a year since the breakup.

By the way, even after the release of the new album and the confessions of divorce tremendous comeback from Furtado has not happened. She’s still in for some time flashed on television and gave concerts in clubs, but soon again left in the shade.

What is Nelly doing now

About real life Furtado ��zvestna not so much. The fact that the star continues to ignore the social networks — the network only occasionally get her fresh photos with fans who still consider her a star number one. Nelly Furtado c rapper Khoja

New LPS Nelly never released, however, music did not leave. Rumor has it that in her country mansion has a home music Studio where she constantly writes new songs and talking to producers. This is now Furtado is not bound by any obligations of the record label and can release the songs when she wants and is ready. By the way, fans have no doubt that sooner or later, Nelly still surprise the audience with the next album, and in their opinion yet it just lacks the inspiration to take this step.

As throughout his career, Nelly continues to do charity work, but now does not do it so publicly as before. One of the most significant donations Furtado for the last years was the help of the nonprofit organization Artists Against Racism. In 2011, she was given one million dollars for the development of free children’s programs for girls from Kenya and the Middle East.

I Wonder what Nelly Furtado still has a large state — ruined the star not allow the most popular hits in her career. Today its capital is 35 million dollars, a large part of this amount came from the sale of her platinum albums.