The Glamour factor in the Federal house could rise after the elections in the autumn. Perhaps a Model in the Federal Parliament politicized for the first time.

VIEW white: The internationally renowned Swiss model Tamy Glauser (34) in the national Council. And for the Green party of the Canton of Zurich. The Zurich-based Green-President Marionna Schlatter (38) confirmed the Coup. “The management of the Green suggests that Tamy Glauser comes to the national Council list the Green Canton of Zurich,” says you to LOOK.

Taminique – the most famous lesbian couple

Glauser and her partner, Ex-Miss Switzerland, Dominique Rinderknecht (29), are the most well-known lesbian couple of the Switzerland. In your everyday life, the two are already politically active. They campaign for the rights of Homosexuals and the protection of the environment. Which is why the Green Taminique courting for several months.

So they invited the Couple on the day of the Federal Council election last December, to the Federal house. “Historically,” said Glauser the fact that Karin Keller-Sutter (55) and Viola Amherd (56) for the first time in history two women in one day in the government were elected.

Glausers Grandfather was SVP-Nationalrat

during the night of the long knives Glauser mingled with the politicians and said, it’ll be whispered about and go to as is the case with “House of Cards”. Now she wants to be part of this political Establishment. It’s not chance: Glauser comes from a political family. Your Grandfather, Walther Hofer (1920-2013) sat from 1963 to 1979 for the SVP in the national Council.

Glauser will get on the Green list in accordance with a proposal from the party leadership not Top-ranked. These are a soldier for the previous two national councils, and for many years of the party inside reserved. After all, the Model will be positioned in the front part, like VIEW know. To be able to in the future, in Bern, politicize, it is not enough, but a green election victory – Glauser, some party needs to surpass internal competitors.

How serious it mean the Green with the Glauser-candidacy? Do you want to send the Model in fact, in the great chamber – or you want to save with the VIP bonus just a few extra votes? Party boss Schlatter is covered: “We have led with Tamy Glauser intensive discussions. You could credibly convey that it’s all green issues.”

Homeless, drug dealer, Model – and soon a politician?

Glauser is responsible, but also the topics of the LGBT community – issues of gay, bi and TRANS-sexual people, so, the Green is very important, as Schlatter. On the final Nomination of the members of the Green decide on 21. May.

Sure is A change from the catwalk on the political parquet would be another great Chapter in Glausers turbulent biography. Her mother, a Nigerian Princess, she sent as a girl to wealthy foster parents. In school she was bullied and beaten up, as she wrote in her recently published biography. With 21, she moved to New York, came out as a lesbian, has experienced violence in a relationship, was homeless, and was using Cannabis.

Soon the figurehead of the Greens?

at the age of 27 started her brilliant modeling career. She runs into Paris for Top Labels such as Jean Paul Gautier, Vivienne Westwood and Louis Vuitton, and presents women as well as men’s fashion. Her androgynous and edgy Look will become your trademark.

Now, Glauser is perhaps soon to become a flagship for the Green. “She has Charisma, a good sense of topics that can convince with your opinion, but at the same time also a good listener – all important qualities of a politician,” said the green national councillor Sibel Arslan (38, BS) recently. “You would bring a fresh Wind into the Parliament!” Glauser was a VIEW yesterday is not accessible.

The Canton of Zurich provides the two green national Councillors are immediately national figureheads. Group chief Balthasar Glättli (47) and Bastien Girod (38). Nevertheless, the two are not on the top positions for the elections in the autumn – but only on place three and four. The party Executive wants to make because of the promotion of women, Catherine Prelicz-Huber (59), which has been voted out of office in 2011, the top candidate, followed by party boss Marionna Schlatter. On the final Nomination of the members of the Green decide on 21. May. In stone nothing is set yet, four years ago the party was outvoted tip.