“How’s Germany in the Corona-crisis” Sandra Maischberger in your Wednesday talk show, which she calls the “week view”. View, however, hardly anyone currently has. You are on the point of view – and no one would complain about it big.

The hour of the confessions

Together, in spite of the distance, that is, in these days also a bit controversial discussions. The theologian Margot Käßmann, pleads: “people stand for. It is for the real target.“ Investigative Journalist Georg Mascolo admits: “I’m glad to live in a country like Germany.” This could be a tired Talk. But one in the round not only practice in patience, he is shoving. FOCUS Online

“It is all the poorer for it makes us”: Top Economist expects before

750 billion euros, the Federal government has just relaxed, the economic consequences of the Corona to mitigate the pandemic. Gabriel Felbermayr, President of the world economic Institute, reckons, what with the decommissioning of the country’s costs.

A week in which the economy is running at 50 percent, hit 35 billion euros less revenue to beech. The four-multiplied – if the measures to Easter, take the total of 140 billion Euro. This corresponds to four percent of economic output for a year, and thus considerably more expensive than the economic crisis of 2008.

“converted to a German citizen for a week at 50 percent to 400 euros less income,” says Felbermayr, “a month-long 1600 euros less income”. In this average, the people with small incomes, and pensioners with be attributed to. It was therefore a great loss that could not you having to retouch. “It is all the poorer for it makes us. Also, since the shields don’t help,“ emphasizes the Economist. He demands more reliable data on infections and “a light at the end of the tunnel”.

It’s only los

The virologist Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit from the Bernhard-Nocht-Institute in Hamburg. “We are at the beginning of the development,” he says. Whether the measures that showed the desired effect, leave in for ten to 14 days notice. Screenshot ARD virologist Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit bei maischberger

A question of priorities

Federal Minister of labour, Hubertus Heil is first tasked with “sorting” – and holds it against the Corona-etiquette again and again in the face. It’s all a question of priorities, he explains. The protection of the health of citizens above the economic interests. “We have to do it with a challenge to the human race”, says the SPD politician and members of pleased with himself and the Parliament. Finally, you have shown that “democracy can also quickly.” The greed of Economists, counters healing with a quote from the “Fantastic Four”: “It could be so easy – but it is not.” Screenshot ARD the Minister of labour Hubertus Heil bei maischberger

attacks on Corona-Infected

How’s Germany? The Covid-19-patient Karoline Preisler fortunately, the good. The 47-Year-old was born with severe respiratory distress to the hospital. Her husband had put on a ski holiday with the Virus and you get infected.

As the family’s everyday life with three children is organized in the apartment blow trees built over Facetime good-night said, and so preventing the Virus is passed on to the children, documented Preisler in a Twitter diary. She was violently attacked, according to the FDP-politician from the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. “When I was picked up by ambulance, is in our street a bit of a casserole. This is not a Situation I want to experience again,“ she says. Also this is Germany in Corona-times. Corona Crash and now?

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