Today, eight real estate funds will be distributing dividends to their shareholders, with IRDM11 and RBRR11 being part of this group. Shareholders of IRDM11 will receive R$ 0.74, while investors of RBRR11 will receive R$ 0.85 per share.

If you are a shareholder of any of these dividend-paying funds today, you don’t need to do anything to ensure you receive the dividends, as they will automatically be deposited into your brokerage account. Real estate funds like IRDM11 and RBRR11 are required to distribute 95% of their financial results every semester, as per the legislation. Typically, these funds make these payments on a monthly basis. These dividends are tax-exempt for individuals, which is a significant draw for investors.

In addition to IRDM11 and RBRR11, there are other funds distributing dividends today:

CPFF11: Will pay R$ 0.65 per share in dividends.
CXAG11: Will pay R$ 0.69 per share in dividends.
IBCR11: Will pay R$ 0.85 per share in dividends.
RBRF11: Will pay R$ 0.05 per share in dividends.
RBRR11: Will pay R$ 0.85 per share in dividends.
RBRY11: Will pay R$ 0.95 per share in dividends.
VVMR11: Will pay R$ 0.50 per share in dividends.

If you are interested in investing in real estate funds like IRDM11, remember that before investing, it is crucial to build an emergency fund and pay off your debts. Additionally, it is not advisable to go into debt to invest in these funds. Stay informed and make wise investment decisions for your financial future.