During the crisis, the Russians began to actively use current account for storage savings.

On 1 may, they accounted for 29% of total savings held in banks — 9 trillion rubles., according to RBC with reference to the estimates of the National rating Agency credit ratings (NKR). In early 2020, this figure amounted to 8 trillion roubles (26%) and was considered a record.

More than half of the increase in funds on current accounts had in April. According to the analyst of the Bank BKF Maxim Osadchy, the ruble account balances, linked to maps, increased by 0.6 billion RUB., this “record in the history, if we exclude the seasonal increase in December”. At the end of the year, the books usually increase due to the Christmas bonuses, the early transfer of pensions , etc.

According to managing Director of the NKR Stanislav Volkov, the increase occurred due the fact that a significant part of the funds remain on card accounts and does not go to term deposits.

the Analyst noted that the April increase was accompanied by a reduction in savings deposits.

In April, several Russian banks (including Sberbank, VTB, Tinkoff-Bank) recorded a small decline in wages of their clients. While it was expected that the March-June the situation deteriorates.