weekend relationships can be very stressful. Not only because you often have to do without each other. You also have to organize more, and if you see, then, is the pressure that it is particularly great or that you are pleased at the push of a button, relaxed, or whatever.

you’re already determined that you end the relationship really want? If not, it would be fair and important, that you’re bringing your girlfriend in your doubts and your Worries tell. Because if you toss your problems alone, feels the distance between you even greater. Maybe you can find one or the other, you can have the first taste before the end. This must also mean not to draw the same Together.

If you are absolutely clear is that you want to lead the relationship, under no circumstances, should you tell that to your girlfriend personally. It is, unfortunately, no way past it, in this Moment, hurt. Make sure that you are in a quiet, private place. Maybe it comes to tears and violent emotion, and then it is good, if your privacy have.

Explain to your friend how you the Situation and see why you end the relationship like. It is important that you can understand what moves you, so that you can process it at least a little better.

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