20. march was the new season premiere on Viafree and Viaplay, which the program’s eight title shall be published at once. It gives loyal viewers a ‘nice to love’-the marathon in this time, how many in advance to keep within doors and to get the time to go.

10. season of ‘delicious love’ is with all the repeats from season 9, but a new girl in the class. The busty blonde from the ‘Occupied by the bad boys’, ‘the Divas of the jungle’ and most recently as a temporary guest at the ‘Paradise Hotel’, where she helped the boys under Mr. Paradise-week, with the team.

Mariyah Samia is the new girl in class, and she is known to speak his mind, and I wonder if the same is true when she is in the 10. season of ‘delicious love’ should try to find love.

You can see all the seven participants including.

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‘Ex on the Beach’-Nicklaes makes it past the LOOK HERE: A guest is left in great danger on the ‘Paradise Hotel’ UH! Now is the gender of the Geggos baby revealed