Tons of cocaine and Kalashnikovs found in the cargo of fish

In the port of Antwerp in the Netherlands found several tons of a narcotic and a few Kalashnikovs. About it reports the edition AD.

In the cargo of fish found almost four tons of cocaine with a total value of 200 million euros. Police also seized three Kalashnikov assault rifles.

During the search they detained 14 people living in the Netherlands. They are now awaiting the court’s decision.

The Brussels edition of The Times notes that in 2019 through the port of Antwerp was about half of the total volume of cocaine that were brought to Europe. During the year there caught 77 tonnes of the drug.

April 16 in the Japanese port of Yokohama found the record party of cocaine. It turned out that found 700 kilograms of drugs was a record: the police of Japan have never found so large loads. The cost of the party estimated at 14 billion yen ($130 million).