The Italian Beppe Grillo (70) brought his Five-star movement in the government, the Ukrainian Volodimir Selenski (41) he raised up to the presidency of his country, and US President, Donald Trump (73) holds thanks to him – despite the most embarrassing policy mistake – its supporters in a good mood: at this time, the joke is overused arg.

male, old, conservative: The wit, has a long beard. The “Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin” appointed him to the dying art form, and cited the US-humor, researchers, and theologians John Morreall (72), the looks are the reason for the decline of the joke that the world was going to be female, and with it the Humor.

The female sense of Humor is subtle to playful and not at the expense of others funny. Jokes, which are often despicable, sexist and racist, therefore, are not a suitable means of transport for Turkey, the wallow in the raucous bawling of their listeners. No wonder, a build him to Trump and co. as a probate-style figure in their Speeches.

Tomorrow is the International day of the joke. May you make him to honor no kidding? But, you have to, because this is already the case with the Egyptian pharaohs popular rhetorical art form may not remain on the old men leave. Rather, it is to parry bawdy jokes with cultured.

for example, with the word joke, like Heinrich Heine (1797-1856), a poor relative of the rich Rothschild say: “He treated me quite as his equal, quite famillionär.”