tomato plants are popular Whether on the balcony, the terrace or in the garden for hobby gardeners. The tomatoes are also strong and large, you should be – depending on the variety – from June to September weekly ausgegeizt. Tomatoes?

What is Ausgeizen of tomatoes?

“Ausgeizen” refers to the Removal of young Shoots, in the axils of the leaf of the tomato plants. Not all tomato varieties Ausgeizen is necessary. “Except in the case of the Bush tomato, which grow to be compact, but should be all tomato plants ausgegeizt,” explains Othmar Ziswiler by the Association, Jardin Suisse. The power is not plugged in shoots the Ausgeizen in unnecessary page, which promotes the growth. It’s more energy for the fruits left over, which are larger and taste are full of.

Why do you have to ausgeizen tomatoes?

“At best, you should look for when casting, whether side have to beat shoots. Depending on the variety, a maximum of three to five shoots per Plant are left,” says Ziswiler. These should then be individually attached to a string or a rod staked. More and more shoots, these are to be removed. From about August onwards, the tips of the main shoots and new flowers out broken, because the tomato grows up to die easy. Ziswiler: “The newly-formed fruit that is green and can be used for Chutney. You take away but also the other tomato energy.”

Right time to Ausgeizen

Ziswiler find advises, ideally auszugeizen in the morning, when the sun is shining. “Then the resulting wound dries out quickly.” Either the shoots will be broken out carefully, or – if necessary – with a sharp knife cut off.

The Plant should be watered to Ausgeizen always good. The garden expert: “dry the plants have flaccid tissue, which, when you rip Out the greed shoots and larger wounds can result.”

The heat of day do plants and flowers to create. Now, proper watering is especially important. LOOK explains what to look for.