“What’s New Pussycat? – whoa-oh-oh!” The crooners of the former Köngs of Las Vegas howled earlier, from every Jukebox, Ohrwürner such as “Delilah” are still today, the likes of Guggenheim music by fattened up.

However, “Tiger” Tom Jones (79) smart as a Fox: The former dust vacuum cleaner representative from Wales on Tuesday in Montreux as an authentic representative of Rock, Rhythm & Blues, and Gospel, and rejoices, and his former gassenhauer as a classic. To cover versions such as John Lee Hookers “Burn in Hell”, or with “Soul of a Man” by Solomon Burke on the roots. He is supported by a Band that focuses clearly on the Tried and trusted, with all the new music Mödeli denied. Hits such as “It’s Not Usual” and “Sex Bomb” makes it in the Unplugged-style, they seem so archetypal as Louis Armstrong’s “It’s a Wonderful World” that he is full of passion over.

Tom Jones Fans

beguiled 79 years old and not a bit of old people: Only white-made head of Hair shows that Tiger Tom is getting on in years – also a lot of younger Fans, he may be beguiled as before. If not fly any more today, not quite as many briefs as in his juiciest days on the stage. With his crystal-clear voice of Grönemeyer could take as a role model, and a precise through dramatic Gestures of the seasoned Entertainer shows. No trace of tiredness, even the obligatory Prince Cover “Kiss” after about 100 minutes. Sir Thomas, is to be addressed according to Adelung by Queen Elizabeth II. so, has a long way to go, as he proclaimed later on in the day in a good mood: “Once again, has made Montreux the Fun – and if I were to come back, just let me know!”