(Los Angeles) The seventh Mission: Impossible, about Tom Cruise battling against an out-of-control artificial intelligence, is dominating the North American box office, according to preliminary estimates Sunday from the specialist firm Exhibitor Relations.

Paramount’s opus earned $52.6 million in its first weekend of release.

Some 27 years after the first film, Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning has been filmed around the world and is planned in two parts. Waterfall fans will be delighted.

In second place, Sound of Freedom, a thriller acclaimed by American conservative circles and which tells the fight of a resigned agent against the sex trafficking of children in Colombia, raked in $27 million in revenue.

Its detractors accuse this film of echoing conspiracy theories conveyed by the QAnon nebula denouncing a supposed international pedophile cabal.

If the studio behind the feature film, Angel Studios, assured to stick to the truth, the main actor Jim Caviezel and the agent who inspired the story of the film Tim Ballard, both relayed certain of these theories.

The latest installment in the horror saga Insidious: The Red Door, in which a father and son battle demons, has meanwhile demoted from first to third place, grossing $13 million.

That’s more than blockbuster Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, which raked in just $12 million in its third weekend of release and ranked fourth.

The animated feature Elemental, a fantastic tale from the Pixar (Disney) studio which places immigration in the background, closes the ban on the top 5 at 8.7 million.