The 2 players moved back-and-forth with One Another throughout the match

The cameras seen both ultra-competitive gamers jawing at each other throughout the first half of this match. Mathieu even got into Brady’s face following another touchdown pass to Rob Gronkowski.

Mathieu tweeted the game which Brady called him”some thing that I will not repeat.”

“He telephoned me something that I won’t replicate but yeah I will let all of the press throw me under the bus like I did something or said something … return to my prior games from TB12 I showed him nothing but admiration.

Mathieu deleted the conversation, but not until it had been screenshotted. Barstool Sports was one of those that pointed out it following the match.

The defensive back told reporters following the match he saw another facet of Brady.

“I thought I played as hard as I am now,” he stated, through Professional Football Chat . “Listen, Tom Brady’s a excellent quarterback. I never actually watched that side of Tom Brady, to tell the truth. However, whatever. No remark. It is over with. I am finished with that.”

Mathieu almost had an interception in the game, but it was waved off due to a penalty.

The Bucs went on to conquer the Chiefs 31-9 in Raymond James Stadium, shooting the Lombardi Trophy for the first time since 2003.

The Chiefs were expecting to acquire their second, consecutive Super Bowl title.