Recently, the Bank of Zambia, the country’s central bank, reported technical failures. Now it has become known that these are due to a cyber attack. A press release said: “The Bank of Zambia would like to inform the public that on Monday 9 May 2022 there was an interruption in some of its IT applications.”

The Bank of Zambia did not provide details about the cyber attack. However, BleepingComputer reports that the attack was carried out by the Hive ransomware. With this so-called “Erpesservirus” ransom is demanded.

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But the bank decided not to pay the ransom. Instead, the bank’s representatives initially only made fun of the hacker. They then sent out a link to a dick pic and continued: “Suck this dick and stop shutting down banking networks ’cause you think you can make money off it. Learn how to make money.”

The bank’s technical director, Greg Nsofu, told Bloomberg that the bank’s core systems were protected and therefore there was no need to engage with threat actors. He further explained: “We pretty much told them where to go”.