The organizing Committee of the Tokyo 2020 is preparing to begin negotiations with the Japanese sponsors of the Olympics for renewal of contracts expiring in December of this year. Their success is based on the amount of additional funding that will be required in connection with the transfer of the Games in 2021. In total, the local sponsors have agreed to pay to the organizing Committee of the Olympics for a record $3.3 billion the Problem is that now two-thirds of them are not sure that it makes sense to extend the cooperation.The organizing Committee of Tokyo Olympics, postponed due to the pandemic coronavirus from 2020 to 2021, is ready to start negotiations with the Japanese sponsors of the Games on the extension of contracts. Most of the current expires in December 2020. Companies will be asked to extend the agreement to December 2021-th.From talks depends heavily on the amount of additional funding that will be required in connection with the transfer of the Olympics. Accurate calculations regarding the price of transfer yet. But earlier, representatives of the organizing Committee and the Japanese government called amount in the range of $2 billion to $6 billion we will Remind that the budget of the organizing Committee directly was $5.6 billion, and total expenditure on preparations for the Games have exceeded $12 billion (there are other estimates that spending when you consider projects that are not directly related to the Olympics, reached almost $25 billion). Note that it is working with local sponsors were the subject of special pride of the Tokyo organizing Committee. The fact that none of the Olympic project had not managed to collect from local sponsors so much. For example, Rio de Janeiro in 2016 has received only $1 billion And London 2012, which was the record-holder,— $1.1 billion When porting Games was just announced, sponsors, as reported by the Japan Times, expressed their willingness to remain in the Olympic project. Now, however, the situation is more complicated. According to a survey conducted by the NHK TV among 78 companies that are local sponsors of the Games (answers to questions made 57 of them), 65% of respondents do not believe that will remain the sponsors of the Games and after December 2020.In the report, NHK reported and possible reasons for refusal of sponsors from the prolongation of contracts. 14% of companies have linked the continuation of cooperation with the conditions that they will be offered. In case the organizing Committee will insist on additional payments, and the Asahi newspaper last week, citing informed sources reported that it will be so, sponsors tend to give up. The Japanese authorities are aware of bespochvennosti concerns of companies and to develop a plan to “reduce and simplify” Games. But so far no details no such plan. There are only rumors about the reduction of the Olympic torch relay and the combination of the opening ceremonies of the Olympics and Paralympics.Many of the sponsors checked��s well as that of their Olympic program consisted of holding mass events. As such, it is highly likely fall under the ban or restriction. Finally, not everyone is convinced that the Olympic games are generally held in the summer of 2021, the year, if at that time will not be an effective vaccine against the coronavirus. As previously recognized, and representatives of the organizing Committee, and President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Thomas Bach, another postponement of the Olympics is impossible. And if it does not take place in 2021-m, it will have to cancel.Arnold Boar