Tokyo in 2021 will be a copy of Tokyo’s 2020 strategy, which is to say, in the summer months. Isn’t that the wish of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), says the Australian John Coates, the president of the co-ordinating committee for Tokyo 2020.

in Between the tennis tournaments from Wimbledon to the US Open this year, or between July 12 and August 29. In between this period, the IOC prefers the Games to Tokyo in 2021 to organize, during the summer and not in spring. International olympic committee chief, Thomas Bach, will speak about “a great and difficult game. Coates says that in a similar scenario to that of the Tokyo 2020 is to be used.

The choice for the summer months, it is much easier to fit in with the international sports calendar sports than it is in spring, when the majority of the games are well under way, including the national basketball association (NBA), a pot of fat for the American tv channel NBC, which acquired the broadcasting rights of the Games. In the summer, with the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in athletics and the world CHAMPIONSHIPS, when great events are to be taken into account. Sebastian Coe, chairman of the international athletics federation said that it was world CHAMPIONSHIPS, in Eugene, a year that can be shifted to 2022, the international swimming federation, which aims to contribute to a solution for the world CHAMPIONSHIPS. The Tour, which this year is a week earlier it started, so that the olympic cyclists of the tour could be combined, it will normally be during the next few years from 2 to 25 July and held it waiting to see if they are willing to do a week in advance.

The plan for a marathon in the north of the city, located in Sapporo, about 800 miles from Tokyo, and will normally be a bit cooler, and to organise the stay with. The proposal will normally be presented by the end of april, at a meeting of the MINISTRY board of directors.