spend time with your favorite star? A dream for many. The Tokyo-Hotel-summer camp, that is exactly the aim, but seems to have fallen through.

for the second Time, the Tokyo-Hotel-summer camp was held. During three days of joint Yoga classes, BBQ’s were-nights, parties and, of course, a big Live concert on the program. The cost for an “All-Inclusive luxury package” amounts to about 1100 francs. In addition to the three Nights in a tipi with half-Board and participation in all programs, a professional photo with the musicians, and an exclusive Tokyo tent, of course-Hotel-summer-camp-Festival-bracelet included. All the Fun seems at first glance quite expensive, but the Band has requested last year for the same package of around 3600 euros.

Bill thanks, apologise to the Fans are the

as incredible as it was touted, seemed to be the Camp to be but had not been. Front man Bill (29) thanks to Instagram for the great summer camp, but in the comments, the situation looks quite different. A bunch of Fans to apologize for the behavior of other Fans.

What exactly is happening in ferropolis, the event location on a Peninsula near Gräfenhainichen, know officially, no one. Because it is an absolute mobile phone prevailed ban. According to the comments under the posted image the band were harassed members of Tokio Hotel but it’s bad. So a Fan writes: “I’m sorry. I heard what happened. You treat the boys like dolls that grabs you. So bad.” Another Fan writes: “I join the opinion of some here. You should ban signing autographs and photos completely. So you will also get the Chance to enjoy the Camp a lot more, and not as hard will be besieged.”

Tokio Hotel is silent on the incidents

Worried whether the Camp will take place at all: “If because of you, the Camp takes place, because you have harassed the guys, then you are not alone to blame for it.”

Tokyo Hotel itself has not acted, until now, officially to the incident. The Fans can still hope that the siege will not have too big consequences. (bsn)