Moje Ziwes went shopping with her four-year-old son to the “Action” market in Offenbach. Suddenly, the four-year-old urgently needed to go to the toilet. “I knew that it had to be quick now, because a four-year-old can’t last long,” Ziwes told op-online.

She contacted an employee who referred her to the branch manager. The man prevented the little one from going to the toilet because the toilet was only for employees and not for customers.

“I looked at him and pointed out that the little one was only four and that it was an emergency,” said Ziwes. “But he didn’t care. He said that he was definitely not allowed to go to the toilet.” She pointed out to the store manager that the boy would definitely pee his pants now. “Then the branch manager threatened to call the police.”

The four-year-old peed his pants. “He was completely upset. I still feel so sorry for him,” his mother said. She then picked up her son and went to another market with him. She was then allowed to use the staff toilet immediately.


“We very much regret the incident in the branch and would like to apologize to those affected,” a spokeswoman for the company was quoted as saying when asked.

There are no designated customer toilets in the “Action” stores. “However, we encourage employees to allow children, pregnant women and people with physical disabilities in particular to use our employee toilets.” They will now seek to speak to the branch manager again to work through the process.

Moje Ziwes was relieved. “I was just concerned that something like this doesn’t happen to another child,” says the mother. “Far too often, people just stick to their rules and forget all humanity.”

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