A German toilet paper manufacturer has sent a huge load of toilet paper as the delivery of aid to the Royal Buckingham Palace in London. The düsseldorf-based company responded to PR-prone to media reports of an impending toilet paper crisis by Brexit. The truck with 1440 rolls is already on the way and will probably arrive on Wednesday, said a company spokeswoman on Tuesday.

the UK to meet British media reports, according to its above-average need for toilet paper, mainly through imports. It should come in the case of a hard Brexits (a ‘ no ‘ to the modified exit contract) to supply bottlenecks could be in the English after a few days the toilet paper, oracles are consulted in the articles.

do not break out So at least in the king’s house States such as yesteryear in Versailles, it was decided in Düsseldorf, to send the unusual Care package for the trip. Four layer, and as a gift. (SDA/wheel)