Today, the map of a pandemic reminiscent of the climate, when in Yakutia, still cold, and in the Kuban region has already come swimming season. Also uneven out of quarantine and regions. It is therefore very important to be aware of the rules that apply outside of the places where you live. If you have to go to a business trip or to visit relatives, will know what awaits you there and how to prepare for it.

each region – has its own set of attenuation of high alert against the spread COVID-19. But one thing is firm at all – mask mode. There are regions where they filmed some limitations, but introduce others. After all, the main principle is do no harm. Although the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova said that “stabilization is celebrated across the country,” but it’s clear: it is certainly a success, but not victory. In the regions continue to “keep their finger on the pulse”.

“I Walked today down the street, went to the store. Honestly, I didn’t expect this attitude to mask mode: many without masks, wrote the Governor of the Murmansk region Andrey Chibis on his page in the social network and said, – If we will not work with you in good faith to comply with this condition do not exclude the possibility that the North will again be home”. And while the region continues to gradually return to normal life. Opened, as in many other regions, playgrounds, sports complexes, outdoors. Are hypermarkets, Department stores with an area not exceeding 50 square meters with a separate entrance.

In the Leningrad region adopted the “geographic” measures to avoid falling into the growth of disease. The region was divided into three zones: red, yellow and green. In the red zone, where the most difficult situation with coronavirus, included five areas. Here open trade centers and markets, however, still cannot be sold perfumes and cosmetics, use of dressing cabins.

In the yellow area – seven areas. They further allow access to parks, shops, beauty industry, solariums and fitness centres with individual or paired training.

In the green area – five districts and the city of Sosnovy Bor, where we can work with all enterprises of trade and sphere of services, as well as cinemas, but the hall should be filled only halfway.

In all three areas residents have to wear masks and gloves.

Open in the field of hostels and rest houses with limited areas. In red – are allowed only in the spot. Yellow – allowed to open the kitchen and feed guests. Green – no restrictions.

Prices holds most pre-crisis: the camp sites are mostly from two to three thousand rubles per night for two people.

Since June, allowed to work with a medical license to sanatoriums of Krasnodar territory. But the beaches are still banned: the sea can be admired only from afar. The resorts must receive guests in strict accordance with the regulations approved by the regional office of Rospotrebnadzor. And for the rest the basis for the trip will be the sanatorium permit. But they should remember that the province remains a ban on travel between districts. Compliance with this rule on the roads in control of 158 posts of traffic police. At the entrances to the regional center together with the police has six health points which help you test special permits for authenticity and to draw up reports on violations. And issue a fine in the amount of 15 thousand rubles.

And Tatarstan, on the contrary, accustomed to move freely in the streets without a special SMS-permits and certificates from work. The first week of release from strict quarantine ended, symbolic – were destroyed database of digital badges. Two hours it took to erase the disks with the system and the personal data of 1.7 million people. Opened car dealerships, earned, though not in full force stations. Resumed workouts leading sports clubs and national teams of Tatarstan.

For all these concessions the authorities of the Republic began only in strict compliance with glove and mask mode. The police make regular raids on objects of trade. So even a trip to the shop is walking distance for bread can result in a fine. As explained by Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Leila Fazleeva, dip the mask can be if you walk alone on the street, but when meeting with another person was immediately required to wear.

we Should all get used to the new “health etiquette”, I believe in the Republic. Don’t be positive statistics for “crown”, the administration of the region has gone on the lifting of the quarantine. “Today we already know how to deal with COVID-19, – said the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov. – The most important thing is to prevent foci of infection. The experience of our enterprises in the continuous process, if you follow all the rules, no problems”. In the period of strict isolation in Tatarstan there were more than 90 percent of companies. Mostly it was the industrial giants. Now it’s time to get out of the downtime small and medium-sized businesses.

the responsibility of urged the countrymen and the Governor of Rostov region Vasily Golubev in his video where he talked about the plan for the phased release of the regional economy and social sphere of the limitation regime. “We have consistently held the first stage of restrictions. Now it is also important in a balanced way, taking into account all sanitary norms to pass on the difficult path of exit restrictions. You cannot expect that it will be done simultaneously and everywhere,” warned the Governor.

“This is the first step towards a return to normal��Oh life, appealed to the Kuzbass, the head of the region Sergey Tsivilev, presenting his plan. But if the situation deteriorates, we will have to return to the old restrictions. Which way the situation will develop, depends on each of us.”