MOSCOW, may 3 — RIA Novosti. TV presenter and blogger Regina todorenko made a film about domestic violence in Russia after his controversial remarks about women who have faced this problem. Video posted on YouTube.

In the film Todorenko talked with psychologists, lawyers and organizers of charities that deal with this topic.

“I decided to deal with the problem and this week spoke with leading experts in the field of domestic violence. The result is a film that will help to get rid of prejudices in this matter, and — most importantly — tell you what to do if it happened to you or someone you know is” — she wrote on instagram,

the Presenter noted that “the cost of losing the titles, contracts, the trust of the audience” to learn about the many Russian women who are victims of domestic violence.

Earlier Todorenko has appeared in the scandal center after his interview People Talk, in which she said that women are themselves responsible for what they raise their hand. These words caused a wave of indignation on the Internet, and the blogger later apologized and tried to explain his words. In spite of this, a number of advertisers stopped working with Todorenko, and the magazine Glamour stripped her of the title “woman of the year”.