A manager at the state bank KfW has sued the entrepreneur and his former boss Carsten Maschmeyer in the Hanover district court. This was first reported by the “WirtschaftsWoche”. The magazine “Gründerszene” found out that it was Jörg Goschin. Before Goschin switched to KfW as a manager, he was the managing director of Maschmeyer’s companies and co-founder of the investment company Alstin for investments in start-ups. Maschmeyer still owes him money for this, the banker now claims. The banker initially sued Maschmeyer because an expert had to determine the company value of the start-ups – the amount to which he was still entitled was based on this, according to his lawyer.

Maschmeyer and his company Alstin Family did not comment, but according to the Hanover judicial spokesman, deny the allegations. The additional payment is due, among other things, to another contract that the parties later concluded. According to reports from Manager Magazin in 2017, Goschin could not find enough investors for a new 100 million euro fund, which is why he left Alstin in 2016.

As Managing Director of the Maschmeyer Group, Maschmeyer invests in start-ups from various sectors. He is also known from the show “The Lion’s Den”. The fortune of the 63-year-old is estimated at 1.2 billion euros.

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