It is almost like playing the Lottery.

Some get skattemeldingen today, many people have to wait in suspense.

But who gets it when?

Marta Johanne Gjengedal, director in the tax administration.

Photo: Karina Kaupang Jørgensen

– It is the 280.000 of which was to test the new skattemeldingen in the last year that get skattemeldingen first in years, ” explains Martha Johanne Gjengedal in the tax administration.

After this, it is completely random who gets it when. But families get it at the same time, so you should get skattemeldingen the same day as your spouse.

When skattemeldingen your are ready, you are notified by e-mail or SMS.

Before you get this message, there’s no point to log in.

Try to release chaos

Anette Beichmann, project manager for the new skattemelding.

Photo: Karina Kaupang Jørgensen / NRK

Previously, there have been major login problems when all check at the same time.

It hopes the tax administration to avoid now, with puljevis login.

– When you try to login, the system checks that you actually have got skattemeldingen. If you have not, intricate differences to another of, ” says Anette Beichmann in the tax administration.

Almost everything is new in the new skattemeldingen Money back after two weeks

New this year is that you can affect when you get the tax.

Are you among the lucky ones who get skattemeldingen early, deliver early, can the money come already from the end of march.

the Tax going extra early in the year, from 26. march. From there, people will get back their money up to 22. June.

Owe you money, you can wait to pay until the end of the summer.

– the Arrears must not be paid earlier, it must be paid in august, says Gjengedal.

Here, there is however a small exception:

If you have the money to the good, and sends in early, and later find out that you really should have had arrears, then you have to pay within three weeks, informs the tax administration.

It pays not to deliver so quickly that you don’t have time to check everything carefully.

do you Remember what skattemeldingen was called before in the time? You’re responsible

the deadline to make changes is 30. april. There are good reasons to take the time to skattetallene your.

Cecilie Tvetenstrand is forbrukerøkonom in the Danske Bank

Photo: Danske Bank

– It is important to remember that this is a provisional tax. You need to check that the information that is registered on the voices, explains forbrukerøkonom Cecilie Tvetenstrand in Danske Bank, and adds:

– It is you who is responsible if it gets taken out random, and you have forgotten to specify, for example, a biinntekt.

Beware, skattemeldingen must be about:

37 days 10 hours 15 minutes 56 seconds