now, as The scheduled vote on the appointment of proxies are now, in the Room, it is still not a formality. The N-VA is in the comments of the Council of State is fundamental in order to have a drafje talk about it. “This is not news and diverse,” said Member of parliament Joy-kit donné (N-VA). “This text should be of the highest quality.”

“There are a few minor technical adjustments, but the Board of directors of the State-validation of the volmachtenwet.” Wrote Green party leader President of the Council Wednesday night on Twitter. He took the advice of the Council of State had to say about the powers that the government Wilmès II, to the parliament’s demands. This is still a vote to take place. In a form, for example, of the Council on the basis of this document. Also, to the other parties, that is, with a few minor changes to the comments made by the Council of State will be able to respond.

N-VA: “Radical tone”.

But the N-VA had a very different interpretation of that opinion. “The Council of State, a whole series of comments, which is a more in-depth debate questions,” said Member of parliament Joy-kit donné (N-VA). “She is asking for, inter alia, a number of objectives specific to the formulation, as is now clearly visible. Also, she has a problem with the extension of the period of three months and another three months power of attorney. Which are the basic notes. There, we were able to not loose clients? Powers of attorney are a major tool. This requires that the legal basis is well-founded it is.”

now, With these powers, the government may more quickly take action to make the coronacrisis to deal with them, without, in each case to the parliament to go back to the link. The contents of the proxies, a total of ten parties last week an agreement has been reached. They have the Room for this vote). This morning, there is a discussion in the committee, then the vote in the plenary session, just like last week, should the leaders of political group in the hemisphere, and all Members of parliament in the several dining rooms with ballot papers and vote. However, for the N-VA, don’t be so quick to go. “If it’s necessary, we’ll meet some time,” said kit donné. “The most important thing is that the volmachtenwet is well-founded. This is a serious debate.”

out Of all the parties, N-VA, the coolest lover with this construction, in which the minority government of prime minister Wilmès temporary powers of attorney is given. The party wanted to go to a full-fledged emergency government, in which she and one or two ministers would have to deliver. Last week, the N-VA in the house, just as the Vlaams belang and the Dutch LABOUR party, have no confidence in this government has given to it. Chairman Bart De Wever announced that his party, despite that fact that the powers would have to support it. However, that will not readily move.

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