you are Germany’s bad boys of rock – your-face, provocative and extremely successful: Rammstein. The cult band opened tonight at the sold out Berner Stade de Suisse and the Swiss Open-Air season in 2019. But what is the scandal of the musicians that have succeeded, with your new plate in 14 countries on place 1, so successful? VIEW explains the phenomenon.

Already in the choice of their band name prove Rammstein loose your penchant for the Taste. The Band was founded in Berlin in 1994 and named after the Ramstein Air Base. The US-American military airfield, acquired in August 1988, notoriety. At an air show, three Jets collided at the time, it was 70 people were killed.

Rammstein since its inception, the master of provocation. In the song “My part” to sing you to in 2004, about the horrendous acts of Armin Meiwes (57), the “cannibal of Rotenburg”. The Video for the hit song “Pussy” was filmed in 2009, in a Berlin brothel and shows the band members, or their body doubles, during Sex. To date, the Clip is only seen on porn sites in full length.

The rolling R of front-man Till Lindemann (56) made early for Nazi accusations, which reached its peak in 1998. At that time, the Band in the music video used to be “Stripped” of Nazi Propaganda footage from Leni Riefenstahl (1902-2003) – the Song was promptly banned from the music channels. A few weeks ago, the Rocker once again causing outrage, because the Clip for the Single “Germany” shows the musicians as concentration camp prisoners. Rammstein distance itself from fascist ideas.

Also in the USA, Rammstein are since the 90s Superstars, and for her scandalous performances famous. In 1998, the American police ended a Rammstein concert, because the musicians appeared in diapers, and partially naked. In 1999, singer Till Lindemann and keyboardist Christian “Flake” Lorenz (52) were taken even: you had a simulated on-stage sex – for the Americans-the reason for “public indecency”. Before the court, Rammstein stated that it was an art performance with a giant Dildo made of plastic.

Till Lindemann was in his youth in the former GDR, a successful swimmer. At the European Junior Championships in 1978, he reached the seventh place and had to participate two years later at the Olympic Games. As he had but at the European Championships in Rome, secretly from the Hotel’s speed, he was not allowed participating in the Olympics.

Linde’s father, the well-known GDR Poet Werner Lindemann (1926-1993) was. The singer married early, his first daughter was born when he was 22 years old. He has a second daughter, a grandson, and according to his own statements, a son.

Kaiser and Heino

Till Lindemann is a self-confessed Schlagerfan and wrote for Roland Kaiser (67) the Song “I know everything”. Also pop icon Heino (80) is in League with Rammstein and the Band even take to the stage together.

for Five years, Till Lindemann, Sophia Thomalla (29) together. The beautiful presenter was even Linde’s face on your forearm tattoo. In 2015, the Couple separated, but remained friends.

The reason for the success of the group is not only their music but also their spectacular stage show. Rammstein concerts are a veritable fireworks display of pyrotechnics, the singer Till Lindemann is personally responsible. Since 1996, he is a trained pyrotechnician.

In just four hours-selling Rammstein 800’000 Tickets for their current European tour. It is also the only Swiss concert in Bern was within sold out in hours. Recently cracked the Rocker the Spotify record of one billion Streams – the managed so far, only Superstars such as the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Metallica. And on Youtube the video clips of the Berlin have been clicked over one billion Times.