last Time as a tamer in the “Arena”. With Nostalgia?
Jonas Projer: no, but with great gratitude that I was allowed to play this role for five years – with a great Team in the back. The colleagues I will miss her very much. Apart from that, I am looking forward to my new task, in order to be wistful.

there Is an “Arena” that has particularly remained in your memory?
If a show is over, I jump mostly the same in the next. The result is that I forget quite quickly, as the show was last week. In memory of the great arches remain to me.

For example?
for example, that after the 2015 elections, the speech by a right-slip. If you look back now, is not the arrival of the Central themes of the EU, pensions, and taxes – have led the majority more likely to be a blockage. And it seems to me that the Left was pretty successful for the alleged rights of Parliament.

you have included the “Arena”audience much more than their predecessors. Do you remember a particularly touching Moment?
countless even. Because of the guests from the audience do not share the party slogans, but speaking from personal concern. The fates of touch – and force the politicians to deal with the Concerns of the people.

a shipment Went wrong?
Oh Yes. Before the elections of 2015, we made a “Arena”, in the politician’s own party program would have to speak, but only to the other parties. It went fully in the pants! The Sunday view slating the then also relish on the title page (laughs). And I have to admit: He was right 100 percent.

The most violent criticism of the “Arena” came from politicians, who do not feel represented. Also to right?
The Numbers speak a different language. One way or the other: It is completely normal that the “Arena” is carefully observed and is accountable to that account on a yearly basis, all parties fair. However, If a party was three times in a row in the shipment, not to discourage you, to complain that it has not been taken into account in the fourth. There’s nothing you can do.

And now, let’s be honest: Who’s your favorite guest?
I like guests that argue the content, on the To engage in and the fire have to be for a heated debate. There are in all parties!

1. May you, as editor-in-chief-to-view TV. What are you looking forward to the most?
To a free Friday night (laughs). Seriously: I look forward to working with many new colleagues in a Newsroom, in which the digitization is already a reality. Our task will be to bring in the TV to make a very quick and versatile Web-TV – and at the same time, the proven Strengths of the VIEWS in this channel to play. It is a lot of work, but I am sure that Together we can achieve Great things.

A Pause for Jonas Projer no. Already on 1. In may, the presenter and Journalist his new Job at the views of the group. He takes over as editor-in-chief of look TV, the Director of the project for the digital Live TV, which will start next year. With a view of TV of the moving image to share on the digital platforms significantly expanded. The preparations are already in full swing in the next year or two of modern TV will be installed in the Studios in the Newsroom. View TV will work with CNN.