Whether London, Tokyo, Riyadh or New York – any Toblerone, the lands anywhere on the world under a Christmas tree, the place of origin of Bern. And there is the world famous Zack’s chocolate pride. Even if the Toblerone has long been part of the US company Mondelez, weiss in Bern-Brünnen, every child: The chocolate works from the Band.

What has so far remained under the Radar: Recently, each of the Toblerone as halal is for Muslims as allowed. Since April, the Uid corresponds to the Islamic purity law. Mondelez has the factory in Bern, according to certify, as a spokeswoman confirmed Sunday. Ingredients and production to comply with Halal Standards: “The original recipe for the Toblerone remained unchanged.” Mondelez justified the changeover, Toblerone goes to 97 per cent in the Export.

“Halal” means permitted in Arabic “” or “permitted”. What is halal, corresponds to the law of the Koran. And that means more than just not eating pork or alcohol, more than the controversial ritual slaughter of livestock for slaughter. “It’s a philosophy of life,” says Mounir Khouzami from the Swiss Arab Network, which will serve to promote economic relations between Switzerland and the Arab countries.

The topic of halal is politically forbidden

charged It also to ethical issues, children’s work, for example, is just as “haram”–: – such as eggs from battery hens. Halal Standards are applicable not only for food, but also in the medical-, pharmaceutical-, cosmetic-, fashion – or the banking industry: “One is intent on cleanliness and purity,” says Khouzami, click properties, so that would also associated with Switzerland.

The topic is politically charged. On companies who advertise with the label “halal”, will respond in social media with boycott call. Mondelez therefore foregoes the latest achievement praise: “Halal certification is not attached to the pack.” You do not would like to present the Halal production, prefer to open to the public.

Swiss companies do sometimes difficult, to market Halal products, says Mounir Khouzami: “are you afraid, to scare, Swiss consumers.” But Halal standardization belong to the future, he is convinced.

Nestlé over 100 factories halal

Nestlé, the largest food company in the world, produce similar. As President, Paul Bulcke began almost ten years ago his Post, he made clear, with Halal-Food number one in the want to. In the world. The Plan seems to be working. Out of 80 plants, which were certified Halal, made by Nestlé “over 100 factories,” as a spokeswoman stressed to Sunday. In the meantime, every fourth Nestlé factory produced under the supervision of the Muftis.

Also Emmi with the mixes in the new business area. 100 products are already halal, a spokeswoman for Butter and milk powder for the industry or yoghurts, Desserts and cheeses for Export to the Middle East and the far East.

Halal products are buzzing in the world market

change The Halal Business, because the demand is growing as rapidly as the Muslim population of the world. In France, with around six million Muslims, the division of Halal has already surpassed organic food. In addition to the Arab region, Asian boom countries, such as Indonesia or Malaysia in the Islamic world.

“Ten out of 25 of the fastest-growing markets have large Muslim populations,” says Khouzami. Managers, he advises therefore, to segment less geographically and to plan, but more to the religion.

With nearly two billion Muslim consumers of Halal products are on the verge of changing the world market. The first Swiss food companies have recognized the signs of the time, apparently.