“If we got to know that we opened again on the 14 days, then everything was good. If you have to, in turn, said that this continues to december, so we may as well give up.”

How does it sound from comedian Thomas Hartmann, who along with the rest of the ownership group right now is fighting to keep the popular copenhagen comedy club Comedy Zoo in live.

Like many other industries are comedians for the time being hard hit by the current coronakrise, as they are live to perform for an audience.

When the Comedy Zoo-the owners could see all the resources disappear, they went, therefore, the 15. march to the keys in order to encourage the danes to buy gift certificates for their standup club.

“It’s gone fine so far. It peakede the first day, where people really took it to themselves. So far we have sold gift cards for 276.000 dkk, which is what we usually need to put a week to go in the zero,” says Thomas Hartmann on Monday – a week after they began selling gift cards.

“One must remember that the gift cards have the weakness that it is basically just money we borrow our future I. When the gift cards once is redeemed, it is the tickets we did not sell at the time. So it is a question of benefits, the economic slap in the face over a longer time,” he adds.

Thomas Hartmann says, that there have been few negative comments about why comedians don’t just even came to the pockets.

“There, you have to remember: we are done. We have drained our savings, borrowed money and spliced the six-man at all to be able to buy the place. In addition, both our jobs as klubejere and comedians influenced. We serve absolutely zero dollars right now.”

Sunday, Thomas Hartmann and the rest of the Comedy Zoo share a little happy news, as their colleague Tobias Dybvad has chosen to back up and purchased gift cards for 50,000 crowns.

“It heats. It shows that this place does extremely high for many comedians. I hope there are more who will follow his example. For example, companies can of course buy a gift voucher for a privatarrangement, so they get the Comedy Zoo for themselves,” says Thomas Hartmann on.

Tobias Dybvad says to B. T., that he for the time being is on maternity leave until the summer and therefore right now do not suffer financially by the coronakrisen.

“Therefore, gave it a little himself, that I should help my colleagues. Comedy Zoo has been important to my career and have great significance for Danish standup, so it must not close,” he says, and adds, that they also themselves are affected on the home front.

“My girlfriend Marie works in the intensive, so we are preparing for an intense period and are taking the authorities’ recommendations extra seriously.”

Thomas Hartmann seems, it is difficult to be confident about the whole situation, since no one knows how long coronakrisen will last. But they retain optimism, and he is glad to experience the support from the fans.

“There was none of us had thought that there was a basis to make a collection of all the hit – also people’s personal finances. Therefore, it is quite touching to experience how there are also people who on their own initiative, have asked, whether there was not a MobilePay-number, they can donate to.”

the Comedy Zoo is owned in addition to Thomas Hartmann of Brian Dark, Dan Andersen, Anders Fjeldsted, Torben Chris, Michael Schøt and Martin Bo Andersen.