On the Via dell’amore (way of love) is the love dead. Where the end of the 19th century. Century quarry workers, between the towns of Riomaggiore and Manarola along trudge, walk, today, thousands of tourists. Because the path is considered to be the most beautiful part of the trail that winds to the East of the Ligurian coast from Porto to Levanto through the Region of the Cinque Terre (five lands) winds.

But, since 2012, a landslide three tourists injured, the gates to the “via Dell’amore” is closed. This part is likely to remain until 2021 locked, we learn only on site or if you browse off the official website of the Cinque-Terre Region.

1. Accessibility +

The Cinque Terre Region is just around the corner, but in a good seven hours from Zurich by tram. If you arrive by train in La Spezia, from there in ten minutes with one of the green-and-white trains in the first village of the Cinque Terre. A bit faster, if you drive in the village of Levanto, is located on the Northern tip of the Region. From Basel and Zurich, you can also fly with Swiss or Lufthansa to Florence or Pisa (with a change from 150 francs, 240 francs), from there we go then with the train.

2. Variety +

locally, it’s delicious and not expensive. One of the best Restaurants for fish and seafood fans, the gorgeous As Tapulin in Levanto. In this town you can not depend only on the beach, but in autumn even wave riding. Those interested in culture come in countless Cinque-Terre-churches. The Best of the total of 48 to the wall, but tracks like veins through the Unesco-world cultural heritage Region. It goes up in stone oak forests, through the stone alleyways and tunnels made of olive branches, ancient bridges, and past the dwarf palm trees. And again and again one caught a view of the sea, the spills of the cliffs. Who wants to go Hiking, can also take the boat from Levanto to Portovenere, with stops costs about 38 francs per Person.

3. Nice people +

The life in the Cinque Terre has been made dependent on tourism, but it remained somehow traditional. It was the neighbor in Slippers, the tried a with a broad Smile and not existing in English, in the posted Airbnb apartment to help. It was the host, the nachzapft its Italian and foreign customers, the beer just grumpy. Or it be the colorful houses that surround the main square on the harbour of Vernazza and non-sterile as well maintained or clean, but easy to lose your Shine.

4. Completely tourist –/+

In Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso al Mare, everything is designed for tourism. Post cards and souvenir shops can be found everywhere. At the railway stations in the five places that give the Region its name, every corner of the Info-offices. On the platforms, auxiliary cavort railway staff. With the practical Cinque-Terre-Card you can use train, buses, Hiking trails and museums to visit. For the inexperienced tourist, this is quite practical; it is the pinch of disorder and adventure.

5. Weather –/+

The weather is a blessing and a curse at the same time. The Cinque Terre are sandwiched between the Mediterranean sea and the Ligurian Apennines. Rain clouds can quickly wind up and over the coastal region of rain. Coastal paths are then locked spontaneously. You are lucky, you can enjoy in the spring and in the autumn the sun. And, If in summer, in other Italian destinations, oven -, and the atmosphere increases the average temperature thanks to the sea breeze, rarely exceed 30 degrees. As the best months for travel are traded on Internet forums in may and June as well as September and October.

6. Information policy –

On parconazionale5terre.it although there is current information about the trails, but have changed up until the next Morning. If you are lucky, then the guards in the house, at the beginning of the individual sections of the path to press, keep an eye out and let walkers “at your own risk”.

7. Tourists glut –

In the Cinque Terre, one is rarely alone: the crowds of tourists pushing through the trails and small towns. In spring and autumn it is bearable. Otherwise, a Chinese-English-German quasselnde, with Selfie-Sticks armed Definition of “Übertourismus”. On the platform you have to erellbögeln a good entry-level place. At the small train stations have arrived, it means: in the goose-March.

8. Expectation height –

Anyone preparing for a Trip to the Cinque Terre, you should browse too much around on the Internet. The only fuels unrealistic, instagram misierte expectations. The Hashtag #Cinque Terre has been used in over 1.5 million posts on Instagram. Photographers in the Town of drones, buzzing, and put the images into the grid. There you will find mainly photos of happy couples and digital nomads, enjoy the colorful houses overlooking the sea and without a lot of Stress to your wine. How long you have edited the images to get a photo where nobody else is, you see nothing.

There are many Airbnb apartments, but also a Boutique or apartment hotel as Franca Maria Rooms. Outside of the places the farm-Inns, such as Villanova in Levanto. There you pay per night for two persons from 120 francs.

If a place is crowded or a Hiking trail should be closed due to weather, don’t despair! Simply by huffing and puffing, a boat or a train to the next village and make new plans.

Not all, but many of the Hiking trails of the Cinque Terre. A day ticket is, on average, about eight francs.

Clearly, the five places that have given to the Cinque Terre the name, are gorgeous – but crowded. It runs from Monterosso al Mare to the North, the laid-back Levanto. There are further coastal paths which lead even to Genoa.

Of Pisa, Florence and the Ligurian Hinterland from a well – to two-day excursions in the Cinque Terre plan.