the For the man who in plain text called himself God, the decision to run for the presidency do not seem so unusual. Kanye West good in everything he did, anyway, sure of himself, Kanye West. He was a producer, a rapper, a successful businessman, designer and even a bit of a preacher. It’s time to try new things. If the policy he will go the same way as with design and music, America offers a difficult but interesting times.

Fresh candidate

About his participation in the presidential election, the rapper said on a holiday the 4th of July, when the United States is almost determined two main candidates for this post.

"We must embody hope America with faith in God, uniting our vision and building our future. I’m running for President of the United States," wrote West in his Twitter, not really giving any details, only adding to the post hashtag #видение2020.

About his presidential ambitions, the rapper said before, for example in 2015, when he received an award at the MTV Video Music Awards. In 2016 in an interview with BBC radio, he reiterated that he intends to run in 2020. According to the musician, maybe he has no clear idea about politics, but there are principles towards people and the truth. Even when the rapper is still announced its participation in the elections, many thought that we are talking about 2024. However, West decided not to waste time and to compete for a place in the oval office this political season, despite the fact that the election is a few months.

In Internet to the idea of the rapper reacted differently, many began to suspect that the musician staged a large-scale promotion ahead of the release of the new album.

"Is self-centered and publicity stunt," said the Californian music journalist Adrian Spinelli, who immediately assumed it was marketing action.

But some supported the musician, and not only West’s wife Kim Kardashian, and his longtime friend — the current President of the United States Donald trump.

"His voice will be heard", — assured the head of state, calling West’s "very good boy".

He West a little podostyl to the American leader. The rapper admitted that "with trump finished," friends amid protests Black Lives Matter, which Kanye himself strongly supported. Musician especially not like that trump allegedly hiding from protesters in the bunker.

According to West, one of the reasons why he was supporting trump in the past has been its hotels and "the saxophone in the lobby".

Election program

While the electoral program of Kanye West can be considered his program an interview with Forbes magazine that he made a few days after joining the race.

It West has promised to build��it the White house in the fictional country of wakanda in the Marvel movies, said that he is against abortion that the vaccine for coronavirus is threatened of mass chipping that chemicals in deodorants and toothpaste "hinder the service of the Lord" that the idea of becoming President came into his soul that black people have a collective alien superpower, and its policy will work through the design.

"We must improve the design to free the mind," said West, citing the example of their projects for Nike and Louis Vuitton.

He also said that his participation in the race has nothing to do with the release of the album God's Country, which is scheduled for the summer. The musician said that if necessary, he will distribute it for free.

With regard to the political plans, the Vice-President of the West promised to appoint a friend from Wyoming — priest Michel TABELLA. By the way, in Wyoming, the rapper himself registered as a voter. The slogan of his campaign West chose the word "Yes," foreign policy "protection of America" and taxes and other "decrees" decided to trust the advisers, among whom will be the wife of rapper Kim and the American inventor Elon Musk.

"I Have a headset and I’ll use" — said the rapper.

By the way, after this interview, Musk refused to support the West in the elections, although initially happy about this idea. The businessman said that he and West views diverge stronger than he had expected.

Better late than never

In the same interview, Kanye West said he intends to go on elections as the independent candidate.

"I would go from the Republicans in that case, if it were not for [the incumbent President, representing the Republican party, Donald] trump. If trump in the race, then I will participate as an independent candidate," he said.

However, the problem is that under American law, an independent candidate has to register in each of the 50 States in the country. By early July, when West announced his decision to run for presidency, the deadline for this has passed six of them.

According to Reuters, to appear in the Bulletin of the state as an independent candidate, Kanye needs to collect a certain number of signatures to register in the United States before the deadline. Although in most States the deadline has already passed, some rapper can still get on the ballot.

He reacted calmly to deadlines.

"the President appoints the Lord. If I win in 2020, it was the decision of the Lord. If in 2024-m — same thing," he concluded.

Amid controversial statements, West’s journalists remembered about his mental illness, particularly bipolar disorder, which the rapper is suffering in the last few years. According to the tabloid TMZ, citing a source in the family of West, once a year, the rapper happens to be worsening and now he just goes through this cycle.

That idea with the presidency could be one of the symptoms of the disease West’s indirectly confirmed by the statement of political consultant Steve Kramer, whom the rapper was hired to collect signatures in Florida and South Carolina. Kramer July 15, reported the Internet portal Intelligencer that West came out of the presidential race. "He came", — stated in the message.

To run in Florida, the rapper was required to collect 132 781 signed by July 15.

"Run for President is one of the most complex procedures, especially for those who take it seriously. Each candidate is faced with obstacles along the way," said Kramer, adding that they hired employees were disappointed by the West’s exit from the race.

Kanye Bulletin

Despite the statement of Cramer, on 16 July it became known that the West still registered as a candidate for U.S. President in Oklahoma. It follows from the data of the local electoral Commission.

The rapper has yet to submit required documents before July 15 and pay a registration fee of $35 thousand On the upcoming elections he will go from the Committee "Kanye 2020" and will represent his own party Birthday Party (game of words in English that can be translated as "birthday Party" or "party on the occasion of the birthday").

Kanye himself explained the name of the party: if she wins, it will be like "birthday all at once". Thus, at least in Oklahoma, the name of the rapper will appear on the ballot.

"Independent candidates and third parties — it’s bizarre, but a common feature of presidential elections in the United States, where each state has its own selection criteria. In 1992, independent candidate Ross Perot garnered nearly 20% of the votes in the race bill Clinton and George Bush Sr., while in 2016, Gary Johnson (libertarian) and Jill Stein ("green") decided to run against trump and Hillary Clinton", — writes The Guardian.

To participate in the US presidential election, the candidate should at least theoretically be able to gain 270 votes delegates that requires registration in the required number of States. Otherwise everything is left for the rapper’s voices don’t play any role. While in reserve Kanye is the only state where electors are only seven. Moreover, in addition to the West there are other independent candidates — pianist jade Simmons and businessman Brock pierce. Another hope Kanye is the possibility of voters in certain States in himself to write his name on the ballot, but in U.S. history such victories happened only elections at the local level.

According to surveys Redfield & Wilton Strategies for Kanye West ready to vote only 2% of the huts��of RATEL.