Uber even had to be called at the end of April the output price in the range between 44 and 50 dollars. Uber wants to launch on Friday on the New York stock exchange. With the angkündigten price Uber solves approximately 8.1 billion dollars.

Given the poor sentiment in the market had already become apparent that the demand for the papers is more likely to be behavior. Uber brings, it is nevertheless a remarkable overall rating of about 82 billion dollars, and put the largest IPO since the Chinese Amazon-rival Alibaba in the year 2014. However, the volume remains well below the interim target mark of 100 billion dollars.

The IPO of the Smartphone-based travel is regarded as a milestone for the young industry placement services. However, Always be the stock market debut is fraught of uncertainties. Competitor Lyft, the second-largest company in the sector – since the end of March on the stock exchange and experienced since then, a descent. Since the stock market launch, Lyft has lost more than 15 percent of their value.

For Uber, the mediation of travel offered to the core business. However, the company aims to take a leadership role in the development of self-driving cars.