The Website Is (31) there is in the league there for a moment. For women, there may be a few intense weeks of: Rose, America, is working as a spoedarts in the Maria Middelares Hospital in Ghent, and is binding on each and every day to fight the corona virus.

the Rose is America’s, and the wife of the captain of Club Brugge, which has its hands full for the last time as a spoedarts in the Maria Middelares Hospital in Ghent, belgium. They will see how men fight against the virus: “It won’t let me loose, I’m going to take the corona to the bed, and I can’t make it,’ says she in her current state of mind. “It’s really, really awful. The Corona is a very scary disease, and it is especially frightening because we’re not there yet, so a lot of it. And don’t know what’s coming next. It feels as if we are all together in a film, play a role. But it’s time to think about it, it is not there,” she said, in a report in the AD.

the Website Is already now in the training field (Photo: Photo News

Until recently, the particular particular Website in the calendar of the family Is with 3 children (Valente , Julie, and William).As he followed the success of blue-black aaneenreeg, and turned to Rose, her shift at the hospital. “This is my diary important, and the roles are even reversed,’ she said. “The football is still, Faculty do not have to perform, and it is at your home. He cares more for the children, and, especially, with a baby in it, however, is a far adjust. We always have a busy household with kids, and we’ll be able to have. Now, it is very difficult, because the school has been lost. Faculty must teach it to our oldest son, and between them all, of course, also be done to keep in shape. We are getting support from friends in our neighborhood, but, of course, may not even have to rely on our parents.’

the Website Is you can it is best to live with it: “It is, but it is out there,’ says the scot. “It’s a moment not to play football. She was a doctor, and they need people to make them better. Myself I be happy in between for a while to get to some training sessions for myself to relax.’

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