Long as you stuck only in the case of the conservative’s on the walls, in the best company of rubber trees and lace doilies. Modern Wallpapers have nothing in common. You can have a playful styling accessory, with which you have to put accents, small rooms larger, and a great and cozy appear.

The most important basic rules for the change of scenery

The Trend is called “Mix and Match”: Strong colors and strong patterns to be used in combinations that may have been recently not even together in the drawer. Be bold and you can mix vertical stripes with floral patterns and plaids. But in the case of a color group, otherwise it gets too wild.

Which Wallpaper fits in small spaces?

With the Patterns of the Wallpaper is similar with those of dresses. Longitudinal stiffeners rooms tend to be slimmer – so higher. Horizontal stripes make a difference in the rule is the opposite. So anyone who wants to make a low room look a little higher seem, is to consult with the longitudinal strips. Hands off Wallpaper with large-scale and eye-catching Patterns. This is a room tends to look smaller.

Which Wallpaper fits in large rooms?

Who feels lost in large, high rooms, is operated with strong Patterns. This will give a space of support and guidance.

Where you put what are the accents?

Very small spaces, such as, for example, a gear or a toilet, get a through eye-catching wall-paper, a very different role and can be out of your neglected shadows liberated.

If you specify tape, you should get your landlords permission. Because if you do not do this, the landlord may require of them, the original state of the wall to restore – that is to say, to remove the Wallpaper again.

In some of the apartments are sized, the rooms rather small and the Set up is difficult. What Tricks this quite simply visually greater cheating let.

In the gloomy Winter mood suffers. Colorful colors happy life. Bright tones, fresh flowers and new decorative items to bring the spring into your home and act as a mood enhancer.

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