at the end of April it was decided that the government will start preparing a plan of action to normalize the business of life, restoration of employment, incomes and economic growth. The head of state received the document the day before, discussed by telephone with the Prime Minister, but decided to speak via videoconference.

the Strategic objective of the plan is not only to stabilize the situation, but, most importantly, to support citizens, businesses, business on the output stage, said Vladimir Putin. To achieve long-term structural changes in the economy, qualitatively new dynamics in the achievement of key national development objectives – and it is primarily the welfare of the citizens.

essential to solve today’s pressing problems, and to provide confidence moving forward for the long term, given that the epidemic has seriously affected all spheres, the President continued. “The dynamics of change in the world increases, and to respond to such challenges, we need to act professionally, accurately and efficiently”, – said the head of state. So and fails to act to combat the coronavirus, he praised the President and thanked the doctors and the government.

the Main purpose of the plan is to overcome the recession caused by the epidemic, and to reach a sustainable GDP growth rates that will allow you to steadily increase the real incomes of citizens, said Mikhail Mishustin. The document spelled out a range of measures in various areas, this increase in investment activity, the use of digital technologies, increase of level of education, the rapid construction of housing and others. By the end of the recovery period the country will come to a sustainable long-term growth of the economy exceeding pre-crisis levels, and real incomes should grow steadily.

According to the instructions of the President has already adopted a number of urgent anti-crisis measures, he said Mishustin. First and foremost is the maintenance of incomes, families with children, for deferred taxes, a moratorium on inspections and tax credits. Began the implementation of special programs of support for the most affected sectors. All this helped partially offset the decline in revenue and slow the growth of unemployment. By the way, according to the Prime Minister, the plan involves an active policy in the field of employment.

In terms of three stages. The task of the first stage by the end of the third quarter to stabilize the situation and prevent further fall in incomes. The second stage will last until the second quarter of 2021. “We will do everything necessary to complete the process of economic recovery, reduce unemployment, ensure growth of incomes to a level that will be comparable to last year,” – said Mishustin. Finally, the third stage – the third and fourth quarters of 2021 – a sustainable to��- term economic growth, reduce poverty and increase the number of citizens with incomes above the subsistence level. “We will make everything possible so that the number of employed in small and medium-sized business has reached a crisis level,” – said the Prime Minister.

the document 500 events, the cost of implementation – about five trillion rubles over two years. The Prime Minister also said that the projects require adjustments in the next month and a half proposals will be submitted. “If your approval we will be ready to start the next budget cycle already with the updated indicators,” – said Mishustin.

the President noted that during the preparation of the document was constantly in contact with the Prime Minister. The government and agencies have carried out serious work, formed a base, appreciated it. “The document should be taken as a basis”, – said Putin. The head of state asked in the second half of June, finally to determine the parameters of the action plan and from the beginning of July to begin implementation. “Extraordinary situation connected with the epidemic has had a serious impact on the implementation of national projects”, – agreed with the Prime Minister and the President and asked to prepare proposals for their clarification. All this work needs to be done as quickly as possible, he concluded.

Students earned the right to teach in schools prior to graduation. The relevant law was signed by President Vladimir Putin.

Amendments made to the Law “On education in RF”. Now the schools can teach students the fourth and fifth courses of pedagogical universities, successfully passed the session. The third-year students in technical disciplines, will be able to conduct extra classes – circles and sections. For example, in robotics. Detailed rules of admission of students to teaching in schools will establish three relevant agencies – the Ministry of education, Ministry of science and higher education and the Ministry of labour and social security.