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to prevent koronasmitte, encourage the authorities to the good hand – and hostehygiene. Moreover, we are advised to not take us in the face when we are out in public.

But why is it so incredibly difficult to let be?

touching your face is a way to calm down the body, ” says psychologist Marte Halse.

Hard to control

In the face of your nerve cells close.

for example, When we hold a small children, we touch often the child’s face without thinking about it. This seems to be soothing for the child, ” says Halse. She is employed by the ministry of children and ungdomspsykiatrien at St. Olav’s hospital and is a phd candidate at NTNU in Trondheim.

By touching your face stimulates you it is called the parasympathetic nervous system.

This system keeps including the body temperature, breathing, blood pressure and digestion in balance. It is most active when you are relaxing.

– One takes the typical to face when one is tired, surprised, exasperated, and the like. Now in these koronatider it’s a pity that we can’t give ourselves a helping hand, ” says Halse.

– do NOT REMOVE YOU IN the FACE: It explains the doctor and helsesjef Sara Cody of the Santa Clara County in California during this press conference about koronasmitte. Before she takes to the face.

One may contaminate himself

We are thus asked to avoid and take us in the face. And this is especially true when we are out in the public without the opportunity to wash their hands.

By taking on the face, then leads you namely viruspartikler towards the eyes, nose and mouth. You are, in other words, infected by yourself.

But many are struggling to follow the seemingly simple advice in practice.

the Washington Post has edited together a video of the officials in the united STATES, advising the population not to take in the face, before they even take themselves in the face a few seconds after.

To stop to take care of your face requires extreme self-control and is very demanding, ” says researcher Martin Grunwald at the University of Leipzig for

He says that when we take on the face of our, it signals to the brain. These hjernesignalene helps us to think clearly and makes it easier for us to process the emotions.

We need therefore to take on the face of our, believes the German scientist.

Why we are taking us in the face? Psychologist Marte Halse explains why – and what we can do to avoid it. You need javascript to see the video.

Why do we us in the face? Psychologist Marte Halse explains why – and what we can do to avoid it.

Deep sigh and folded hands

But still, there is advice to be better to let be, especially when one is in the vulnerable situations.

A council that is circulating in social media, but with a lighter look, is that you should dip your fingers in the Nutella. Then you will not get to take you to the face.

Psychologist Marte Halse has some tips that may be even easier to follow:

If one takes a deep sigh, will also influence the parasympathetic nervous system and have sedative. It can also be a good idea to fold your hands – then it will take longer before you take to the face, she says to NRK.

Anyway, there is much that suggests that washing your hands often is a easier advice than to stop taking on the face.

To fight the scientists to develop a safe vaccine in record time

FOLD your HANDS: According to the psychologist, is this something we should do more often to avoid to take us to the face.

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