the Centre of Oceanography and marine biology Moskvarium at ENEA 5 Aug celebrates fifth birthday. For this reason visitors center has prepared a special program.

by the Way, from 5 to 9 August, children under five years can attend the Aquarium for free. To do this, parents need at the information Desk on the first floor of the centre to present a document confirming the child’s age and get a wristband. Promotion rules are posted on the website “Moskvarium”. There you can see the entire festive programme and schedule of the free events.

to Feel the atmosphere of holiday can be had on the square in front of the entrance to Moskvarium. The building will be decorated with colorful balloons and at the entrance will wave a five-meter Aeropostale — inflatable dynamic scenery from soaring up through the air flow of the fabric. All public holidays from 12:00 to 17:00 guests will meet the animators in costumes of marine life: octopus, starfish and fish.

the Guests of the exhibition “Aquarium”, located on the ground floor of the centre, will not only see thousands of marine and freshwater inhabitants, but also to get acquainted with the new resident — dine on Panther chameleon.

This reptile is found mainly on the island of Madagascar, at least it can be seen on the nearby Islands of Nosy be, Nosy drills and Nosy-Mangabe Bay Antongil. The body of the chameleon is painted in different shades of blue, black and green with bright spots of yellow, pink, orange and red colors. At length the chameleon reaches only 30 cm. The basis of his diet is crickets and locusts.

the New inhabitant “Moskvarium” male. Name for it will be able to offer subscribers center in the network “Instagram” in the comments to a special publication. It will be released on August 3. Especially for chameleon, the center’s staff designed the terrarium, which recreates the ecosystem of his native island.

in addition, the holidays will pass demonstration of feeding and outdoor exercise various inhabitants of the centre: Asian small-clawed otters, Baikal seals, sand tiger sharks, stingrays, piranhas, arapaima and octopus. The schedule can be found here. Even offers an underwater view in the home freshwater aquarium. It will show the artist performing in the mermaid costume.

In honor of the anniversary of the centre of Oceanography and marine biology from 5 to 9 August, all visitors of the exhibition “Aquarium” will receive special gifts. This is a soft toy in the form of sharks, whales, fish, crocodiles, commissioned by the aquarium, books about sea creatures, educational Board games, clocks, mugs and other Souvenirs with symbols of the center. One of the main prizes will be invited to the new Grand water show, the premiere of which compoida in “Moskvarium” in the fall. For prizes, you must present the tickets to the Aquarium. Full promotion rules are posted on the center’s website.

the building of the aquarium, guests can also enjoy a variety of activities.

thus, on 5 August at 13:00 in the lecture hall on the ground floor, an open meeting with the creators of a documentary about sharks “Great white dance”. About your immersion in the waters of the Pacific ocean and the meeting with the oldest predators on the planet, great white sharks, tells presenters and experienced divers Valdis Pelsh and Yana Churikova and Director of the group. The number of seats is limited. To participate, pre-registration is required by telephone of the information center “of Moskvarium”: +7 (499) 677-77-77.

From 5 to 9 August from 11:00 to 18:00 on the first floor the children will be doing free face painting of the sea. And the second floor “Moskvarium” will turn into a big holiday area, which will host many free events. Free admission.

holidays on the second floor will be a photo exhibition “Moskvarium: five years with you.” 20 booths will feature unique photographs documenting the work of the centre. It offers an unusual portraits of the inhabitants of the aquarium, shots of setting water show, sketches of the main freshwater aquarium. Also, visitors will see works by world-famous British animal photographer Tim Flack. The exhibition will run from 10:00 to 22:00.

For young visitors organise area workshops. From 5 to 9 August from 11:00 to 18:00 children can own hands to make a naval crown out of cardboard and paint plaster figures of aquatic creatures. And to make vivid pictures and selfies will be in an unusual photo zones. It will be a stand with lots of silver sequins.

Test your knowledge of geography and collect the spoils-a map of Russia (a set of wooden elements for the magnets in the form of the Russian regions), as well as to participate in master classes and educational games will be on August 8. On this day from 12:00 to 16:00 employees of the Russian geographical society will hold a special event in honor of the anniversary of “Moskvarium”. At 12:00 hydrogeologist and environmentalist George Casinosan read for children and adults a lecture on “Why overgrown the river.” Scientist talk about the factors that affect the ecosystem of the rivers, and the prevention of their pollution.

Moskvarium at ENEA opened to visitors on 5 August 2015. This is one of the world’s largest Oceanographic centres, located hundreds of kilometers from the coast. In it live more than 12 thousand inhabitants — sharks, seals, rays, turtles, caimans, otters, octopus and hundreds of species of fish. The area is more than 53 thousand square meters, aquariums and swimming pools can accommodate around 25 million liters of water. The space is divided into tri zones: aquarium, auditorium, where a water show and swim with dolphins.

Since the number of inhabitants in the “Moskvarium” increased from eight to 12 thousand. Thanks to the creation of optimal conditions of detention among residents of the center regularly appears healthy offspring. The main tasks of the center is preservation of rare species of aquatic creatures, the continuous development of exhibition and educational work. In five years, the center was visited by more than 8.5 million people.