To Russia delivered 25.5 million protective masks from China

As the head of Department Denis Manturov, to ensure individual protection equipment is now used all available instruments mobilizing and strengthening of own production, start of new facilities and relocation of production to non-stop operation, the attraction of resources in the garment factories for production of protective masks, and supplies from other countries.

examination Laboratory tests for coronavirus will start to work in Moscow

the First batch of Chinese protective masks has a population of 25.5 million pieces. A three-layer protective masks. “They will be sent to regions to provide their needs in means of individual protection, volunteer movements that deliver products to our older citizens in a number of Federal agencies (including the Federal customs service, interior Ministry, FSB of Russia)”, – said Manturov.

22 March, the Ministry of industry and trade started the centralized supply of personal protective equipment in the regions. The first batch arrived in Kaluga oblast. This will help to ensure smooth and uninterrupted supply of these products through the pharmacy network, to exclude the possibility of speculation, and to ensure traceability of supplies.