annual reports do not belong in my perception to the favorite reading of our fellow human beings. However, if I recommend a reading, then those of the Ombudsman for private insurance as well as for the Suva responsible. He has been released on Thursday.

most often, the Ombudsman’s office had to mediate in disputes of the accident insurance act (UVG). This is no Surprise. Accident insurers are known to deny your benefits on the grounds that the physical damage had already existed before the accident; it would sooner or later come to an Operation.

Revealing the Sample of the Ombudsman in each case, to the Best. Apparently, when simple theft outside the home, the amount of compensation to the complaints repeatedly: Is the original value, the time value or the purchase price paid in the acquisition? Now, in General, the new value applies. Unless, that is, in the General terms and conditions (AVB) is something else.

The case goes like this: The couple with the two-year-old son to the Restaurant. The children’s place car in sight in front of the dining room. Now you can’t fix the car during the meal, always the children – and the way he was. Yes, among us are people who steal cars kids life. The insurer replied in the affirmative, although the insurance claim, but wanted to compensate the replacement value, but only the time value, less the deductible of CHF 100, because it was a stolen car, a Occasion.

The individual whose parents were not well advised to accept the decision of the insurance and to contact the Ombudsman’s office. She pointed out to the insurance company to the fact that you understand property insurance, the total loss is the complete destruction or the loss of things. What the insurance company said that it is not the logic is equivalent, to pay for the replacement value, if paid for at the time Insured 200 francs for a Second-hand stroller – as if logic in the insurance company would have quite a story behind this.

After all, the Ombudsman’s office was able to convince the responsible officer that the logic or the will of the insurer would not have to be recorded in the AVB, which was the case here. The insurance company relented and paid the purchase price for the acquisition of 429 Swiss francs, less the deductible.

And if we’re on the subject: “Mr. policeman, I’ve just seen how my car was stolen.” –
“Can you describe the perpetrator?” – “Unfortunately, no, but I wrote down the driveway the car number.”