anyone Who suffers from depression, you should seek in any case, the assistance of a qualified person and is a therapy to consider. For a Sunday look, the Lucerne is a psychotherapist, Margaret Letzel (62) shows the methods that can accompany help to a therapy or as prevention.

Go outside

A walk in the daylight has a positive effect on the Psyche. Margarethe Letzel: “Use it as often as possible fresh air and daylight, and even garstigem weather.”

The stay in the outdoors promotes mental balance. A study out of Denmark comes to the conclusion that children that had little green space to Play, have a 55 percent higher risk of developing a mental disorder.

The nature also helps in healing. Psychotherapist Letzel: “you are Stuck in a deep hole, you often feel nothing more. It is then, for example, in nature, before a tree, touch the bark and smell the scent of resin, this helps with the body inside of them.”

Move in

Letzel recommends at least half an hour of exercise a day, at best (see left) in the fresh air. “With the movement of Jogging is meant to collapse. Now it comes to your own health. It is, in small steps to start, as it is good for you. Rhythmic movement helps to find back into balance.”

Talk about your Worries

do you Dare to talk about their feelings with friends, Relatives or professionals. Lisa*, used to be depressed: “You should not wait until you get sick, but much earlier support to get and maybe also just in a therapy session does not go, if it’s so good.”

The power of nature to use

natural supplements such as St. John’s wort can help the mental balance. Some swear on kinesiology , Yoga and other Exercises to help with mental lows to cope.

himself in the center

In the therapy Margarethe Letzel advises to the patients to detach themselves from the expectations of others and focus on yourself. “First of all, it now goes to you! What are your needs? Give yourself time to figure out. When and for which activities it is easier for you to feel – physically – better?”

* the Name has been changed

do you Suffer from depression? The Samaritans can help you. You Can Call Tel. 143 to.